Street lights turned back on to improve safety

Cheshire East Council has restored the lights on a section of a major route into Wilmslow after sports clubs and local residents raised concerns about the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

The street lights along the A538, heading towards the airport tunnels, were switched off as part of the council's street lighting carbon reduction scheme - in an effort to slash carbon emissions, cut down on light pollution and save money.

However, the Council has now reviewed their decision and turned the street lighting back on on part of the road, whilst they consider what to do longer term.

A spokesperson for Cheshire East Council said: "In response to the need to support cycling along the A538 Altrincham Road, the lights have been turned back on while we consider the possible options.

"These may include providing lighting to the cycle/footway or the reintroduction of road lighting with dimming. When the solution has been identified we will provide a further update."

A CycleWilmslow spokesperson said: "When the lighting along the A538, towards to the Holiday Inn hotel, was switched off we contacted local councillors and the Cheshire East portfolio holder, Councillor Topping. This stretch of road and cycle/walking path is well used and will be getting busier as the Waters Corporation facility nears completion. Good street lighting is essential for the mutual safety of pedestrians, cycle users and motorists. The lighting was restored out of the blue a few weeks ago and we hope that this will remain the case in this location. We also would request that clearance and sweeping work will get underway on the cycle/walking path as it descends towards the airport tunnels where the path is effectively narrowed by mud and dead foliage."

Tony Collier added "Styal Running Club, based at The Holiday Inn are relieved that some, if not all lighting has been restored on this stretch of road. The footpath is also a cycle way, horse riding route and used extensively by three running clubs in the area. Our concern has been that the unlit stretch would eventually lead to a death or very serious accident, we have already had several near misses as all our winter runs start from the hotel.

"The stretch from the hotel towards the airport tunnels still remains completely unlit and is very hazardous to cross the road to start our runs but we still welcome the section up towards Wilmslow being lit again. We have noticed a significant increase in cycle and running useage so it was a relief to see sense prevail before any major incident."

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Rob Sawyer
Sunday 1st December 2013 at 11:27 pm
It should be noted that there are stretches where the street-lights remain off:

From the Holiday Inn hotel to the roundabout before the tunnels.

From the Honey Bee to near the Waters HQ

Hopefully these will be restored to use too.