About wilmslow.co.uk

Redefining local media
with a real emphasis on
connecting the local community

This is a community platform offering news, views, useful information, and discussion on the things that matter to those that live, work and socialise in Wilmslow.

Our vision for wilmslow.co.uk is one that is rich with editorial and local opinion. We aim to provide a valuable service to Wilmslow and by sharing local knowledge wilmslow.co.uk makes a positive contribution to strengthening the sense of community

Since 2009 we have operated online hubs for the communities of Alderley Edge and Wilmslow which are now firmly established as the dominant local media.

wilmslow.co.uk is published by Focus Digital Limited, a small independent business based in Alderley Edge. It is run by Lisa Reeves, with a lot of support from her husband Martin - between us we have 25 years experience of digital publishing.

wilmslow.co.uk enables us to combine our passion for the area we live in with our professional knowledge and experience of the internet.

wilmslow.co.uk is continually evolving, we have lots of developments in the pipeline, and we sincerely hope you find this site useful. We really are building a vibrant and genuinely useful online forum for the local community.


Postal Address:
Focus Digital Limited
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