Alderley Edge School for Girls Partners with Yipiyap to Empower Sixth Formers as Peer Tutors

Yipiyap Peer Tutor Programme - Flyer for Staff - June 2024

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Alderley Edge School for Girls is excited to announce a new partnership with Yipiyap, a trailblazer in educational support services. In September 2024 AESG and Yipiyap will work together to launch an inspiring Peer Tutor Programme for its Sixth Form.

This exciting initiative will train and equip Sixth Form students with the skills and confidence to tutor and support younger pupils in Maths, English, and Science, creating a nurturing environment of peer-led learning.

Yipiyap, renowned for its innovative peer tutoring programmes, will provide AESG students with a digital "Train to Tutor" course that distils over a decade of tutoring expertise into five modules. These modules cover vital areas such as pedagogy, enterprise, public speaking, and self-reflection, ensuring that Sixth Form students are fully prepared to deliver engaging and effective tutoring sessions.

Upon completing the course, the newly trained peer tutors will be matched with lower school pupils, serving as relatable mentors, inspiring role models and empathetic guides. This mentorship fosters a supportive learning atmosphere, encouraging younger students to thrive academically.

For Sixth Formers, this programme is a standout addition to their personal statements and provides them with coveted soft skills, including professionalism, leadership, and emotional intelligence. It's a unique opportunity for students to gain real-world experience that will benefit their future academic and career endeavours.

"We are thrilled to be working with Yipiyap," said Ms. Billington, Head of Sixth Form. " Alderley Edge School for Girls is proud to embrace this innovative programme, setting a new standard for educational excellence and empowering students to make a lasting impact. The programme not only boosts academic performance but also builds invaluable skills and confidence in our Sixth Formers.

Anne Morris, Founder and CEO of Yipiyap, added, "We are delighted to be working with Alderley Edge School for Girls, the students have really stood out for us as being mature, nurturing students that are eager to pass on their subject knowledge to younger peers.

Once students complete the 'Train to Tutor' course, they are ready to make a positive impact in the lower school, enhancing their peers' educational journeys."

Yipiyap's peer tutoring approach is backed by evidence, demonstrating that tutees in the lower school can achieve up to five months of additional academic progress. This makes the programme not only beneficial but also a transformative experience for all participants.

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