Golden girl Jessica Ennis visits Wilmslow High

Wilmslow High School had the honour of welcoming Jessica Ennis into the school for a day of question and answer sessions and endless photos and signings on Thursday, 18th April.

This incredible opportunity was a well-earned reward for all the hard work that went into the Cheshire and Warrington Winter School Games, which were held on March 15th.

As the clock ticked closer and closer to 9.30, the excitement mounted, it would only be minutes until the Olympic heptathlete champion, Jessica Ennis, would arrive. Suddenly, a car pulled up and, to gasps of amazement, out stepped Jessica Ennis. There is something truly special about meeting someone you only normally see on TV, and the looks on the faces of everyone who had the opportunity to shake Jess' hand just said it all.

After her welcome, Jess moved into Mrs. Bremner's office before arriving in the assembly hall with her guard of honour all saluting her with javelins. Already inside the assembly hall were four primary schools all ready and eager to ask Jess some questions and hear some answers. Some of the most memorably questions included who inspired her? How she motivates herself? And even what she does first thing in the morning. Many people would be surprised to find out how down to earth Jess is for an Olympic champion, because despite being so famous, she answered all the questions in a really human way that everyone in the hall could relate to.

During break, the staff revealed their true colours, just as excited and amazed to meet Jess as the pupils were in the exclusive staff signing and photos. Next, another question and answer session with the key stage 4 sports award winners before moving on to a whole school tour. This was probably on of the most exciting parts of the day for most people, as Jess stuck her head round their classroom doors, to cheers and applause from pupils and staff alike. Rosie Harris, the person who won the visit, commented, "Jess was absolutely brilliant. A total inspiration."

As soon as lunch had finished, it was time for more questions and even more answers with the Wilmslow High School students who had been nominated to receive a golden ticket; the only way to get into the session. Finally, to end the day Jess watched the Primary Gym competition opening ceremony and observed a year 7 PE lesson led by BTech students.

The whole day was a huge success and was greatly enjoyed by everyone who got to meet Jess. However, the legacy does not end here, whilst Jess' inspirational visit is over, Wilmslow High School will continue to promote and develop the Olympic values and sports competitions and hopefully by doing so will keep alive the memory of the day Jessica Ennis visited Wilmslow High School.

Guest post by Sophie Kraunsoe, age 14, Year 9 at Wilmslow High School.

Jessica Ennis, Wilmslow High School