Parents rate Wilmslow school


Wilmslow Preparatory School has gone to great lengths to establish what parents really think of the school by employing a consultancy to carry out a parental survey.

The company was instructed by the school to solicit the opinion of parents and ensure that the governors and staff were informed by these opinions when making future decisions to develop the school.

In addition to the very high levels of satisfaction, 93% of parents said they would recommend the school to others, other highlights of the survey included the school's strong relationships with parents, high praise for pupils' behaviour and manners along with teachers' ability to inspire.

Russell Speirs, managing director of RSAcademics who conducted the research said: "Once again Wilmslow Prep School has been rated very highly.

"Apart from these excellent findings, the other thing that has impressed me is the school's board of governors and headmaster's desire to listen and learn from the results in order to develop and further improve the school for the future. With such good foundations the school is sure to thrive."

Paul Reynolds, headmaster, said: "We are thrilled with the level of parental satisfaction in the survey, but we are determined not to rest on our laurels. All the staff and governors are deeply committed to further improving the school and to do this it's vitally important that we listen carefully to parents' input and comments and implement positive change where change is needed."

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