Prize-winning drawings on display at Handforth Station

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Winning entries in a drawing competition will be on display at local station.

In early June, Friends of Handforth Station ran a stall at the Handforth D-Day Commemoration event. The stall focussed on Handforth Station's involvement in WWII, and served to publicise the work of the Friends group at the station. FoHS President Mike Bishop organised a drawing competition, inviting local residents to illustrate "What I Like to See out of the Train Window".

The joint winners of the drawing competition were Athena and Shelley, both residents of Handforth. Shelley drew Minnie Mouse (whom she's still hoping to see out of a train window) and Athena drew a pastoral countryside in full sunshine.

The winning entries were selected from over 20 submissions, by Mike Bishop, and he congratulated the winners in person during a brief ceremony at the station.

Mike said "The Friends love being involved with the local community in this manner, and we were delighted with the imagination shown and the standard of the resulting pictures."

He added "We shall be displaying the winning entries at the station for the local community to enjoy. They will complement the current exhibition in our 'Art In A Box' installation - we have a 'Forest' scene and a 'Seashore' scene - our famous collection of signs and our flourishing floral displays. Collectively, these features make our station a welcome and attractive place for its users. "

Each of winners were awarded with a family day rail pass.


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