Wilmslow bakery announces closure


An award winning Manchester bakery has announced the closure of all their branches including their Wilmslow cafe which opened its door five months ago.

Trove, which was established in 2011, operated three cafes and bakeries serving  selection of brunch dishes, coffees, pastries, cakes and freshly baked sough dough.

They opened the Wilmslow bakery and patisserie at Bank Square, in the premises previously occupied by Zumu Sushi, in January 2024.

Trove's parent company Two Hexagons Ltd went into voluntary insolvency on May 7th 2024 owning over £1.6 million.

The owners Marcus and Katy posted the following announcement on Instagram:

We wanted to leave a note here for everyone we have worked with over the years and the customers who supported us. Today we have sadly decided to close all Trove sites.

We have been struggling mentally, physically and financially for a while, especially after covid.

Our failure has been trying to keep something going that we were emotionally attached to, when we should have ended it.

We are so sorry to any of our customers and employees who have felt let down. We have only ever had kindness in our hearts and good intentions.

We have enjoyed being part of the Manchester food scene, the many people we have known and loved.

Thank you to all who have worked for us. Thank you to the people who continued to support us through hard times. Thank you also to everyone who has contacted us with words of kindness recently. Your words have meant a lot.

It is a very difficult world at the moment. Especially for small businesses and food producers. Please be kind to others, neighbours, friends, strangers. You never know who needs it.

Our hearts are broken. So much love to you all.


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