Colshaw Valley 'Big Spring Clean Up'


Colshaw's Tenants and Residents Association (CETRA) is planning a spring clean-up next month.

The association - which has cleared up numerous 'grot spots' in and around the estate - is now turning its attention to the secluded woodland footpath and valley which run between the Manchester-to-Wilmslow railway line and housing on the western side of the estate.

The stretch runs from the Dean Row end of Blackden Walk down to the railway viaduct that bridges the footpath leading through to Manchester Road, Handforth, and the River Dean.

CETRA chairman Terry Burgess said "It's such a valuable breathing space for tenants and Wilmslow and Handforth residents alike. But regrettably it's become overgrown and blighted by fly-tipped rubble, mattresses, car tyres and general littering."

To tackle the problem CETRA has drawn up a two-stage plan, the first of which is to focus on the cutting back of overgrown vegetation and the removal of fly-tipped rubbish.

The second longer term phase aims to restore the tranquil habitat to its original condition as well as improve accessibility and biodiversity.

Phase one, for which as many volunteers as possible are needed, has been designated as the 'Big Spring Clean Up'. It is scheduled to take place on Saturday and Sunday, 13 and 14 April between the hours of 9am and 6pm.

"We need your help, even if it's only for an hour or two," emphasises Terry.

Partners that have pledged their support already include Residents of Wilmslow, Wilmslow Community Market Garden (which is based on the Colshaw estate), Hope Central's recently launched Colshaw Farm Hope Centre and Colshaw's Bitesize Church.

Equipment and refreshments will be provided.

Prospective volunteers can contact Terry via WhatsApp or email him at [email protected].

Photo: CETRA Chairman Terry Burgess.



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Roger Bagguley
Tuesday 5th March 2024 at 6:33 pm
Really pleased to be supporting CETRA on Colshaw. Good work all. Roger (RoW).
Terence Burgess
Friday 15th March 2024 at 12:43 pm
Hi Roger, glad that we've got the support of our local Residents of Wilmslow group.
We are getting a lot of positive feedback and support for this project both from local residents and local organisations.
We are hopeful that together we can make a big impact going forward from this event.

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