Alderley Edge School for Girls Prep School 'Discovery Days'

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Alderley Edge School for Girls launches a series of Prep School 'Discovery Days' starting in February and running through to March 2023.

'AESG Prep School Discovery Days' are a fantastic opportunity for girls to spend a day within the Prep School. Pupils from Reception to Year 5 are invited to sign up. They will join a class, take part in engaging lessons and lunchtime activities, meet the teachers and other children, make new friends and of course sample a delicious AESG lunch.

Alderley Edge School for Girls are experts in teaching girls and its all-girls environment is a place in which girls excel academically as teaching tailored to how girls learn best. The school provides a Stretch & Challenge programme of opportunities including extension groups whereby girls are taught by senior school teachers covering subjects in greater depth and at an accelerated rate.

The wellbeing of all girls is at the forefront of everything the school does and this academic year, Alderley Edge School for Girls has introduced a new, independent wellbeing initiative called 'Girls on Board'. Girls on Board specifically helps girls manage friendships during childhood and into the teenage years. Whether girls are in a mixed school or girls' school, parents of girls understand how complex girls' friendships can be and the anxiety that can be caused if they are not managed properly.

Girls on Board appreciates the importance girls place on friendships to girls and provides them with strategies for the girls to manage their own friendships in a positive manner if they find themselves in conflict, which all girls do from time to time. By empowering the girls to manage these relationships themselves, problems are sorted before they become too big to manage and leave a long-term effect.

Enrichment plays a key role within the Prep School and girls enjoy over 40 extra-curricular clubs each week including a hockey club with external coach, Chess club run by a chess national champion drama club, cookery, cross country and gymnastics to name a few. Girls enjoy a plethora of trips as well as an annual residential trip from Year 3. The girls take part in many national competitions including maths challenges, ISA Sports competitions including swimming, cross country and netball. Whatever the girls are interested in there is the opportunity to develop their passions and excel in their choice of field.

To book an AESG Prep School Discovery Day and see what a difference an AESG education can make for your daughter then, please book via the link below. Please book dates according to your daughter's current year group. Discovery days are for entry into this or next academic year. They will take place from 9.30am to 2pm.

Discovery Day Dates

• Reception Friday 10th February

• Year 1 Friday 10th February

• Year 2 Thursday 9th February

• Year 3 Thursday 2nd March

• Year 4 Monday 6th March

• Year 5 Monday 13th March

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