Reader's Letter: Wilmslow in bloom no more


The local council has for several years spent our money on supporting Wilmslow in Bloom and though much more tree landscaping potential has been ignored, some efforts have been okay - like the flower planters around the town centre and the eye-catching landscaped roundabout at the junction of Manchester Road, the A34 access road under the rail viaduct and the Memorial green space opposite.

Until mid October, this had beautiful yellow flowering plants and exotic grasses that have now been tastelessly cut back (see picture) when they could have given people a few more weeks of autumn pleasure. The same goes for the planter boxes.

When I challenged the council about this last year they said their contractor had to get on with its removal schedule. So their bureaucratic schedule takes presidence over our enjoyment of the autumn landscape.

Wilmslow has some beautiful tree landscapes but the centre could do more. Some people see trees as a nuisance but they provide multiple benefits for people, the environment and wildlife.

They help filter polluted air and soften the built landscape, adding property value to areas. They provide a sense of long-term stability and a living link between the past, the present and the future. See

Brian McGavin.

Reader's Letter