Tickets issued to cars blocking the pavement


The police are warning visitors to The Carrs that when the car park is full Cliff Road isn't to be used for overspill parking.

Officers have attended Cliff Road today due to the inconsiderate parking and issued tickets to those vehicles fully obstructing the foot path.

Officers confirmed 5 tickets were issued today (Saturday 13th June).

This photo was taken on a previous weekend.

Cliff Road, The Carrs


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David Hoyle
Saturday 13th June 2020 at 8:31 pm
They have the power to have them towed away. Why do they not use it.
Barbara Burgess
Sunday 14th June 2020 at 6:28 am
I agree that car owners should be ticketed for illegal parking on Clff Road. Once again however the Council have skirted the issue about parking here leaving it to the police to deal with the matter when they probably have more serious problems to deal with. Please let this problem be dealt with permanently either but erecting bollards or a fence to prohibit the parking before someone is seriously injured by having to walk on the road.
Dan Barnes
Sunday 14th June 2020 at 3:49 pm
Once again parking has come up and along with congestion seem to be the main issue a lot of residents have. Having looked at many of the comments on this and other stories I see a lot of searching for medium and long term resolution.

I only see suggestions on reactive measures which will not fundamentally tackle why there are so many cars and why people predominantly use cars. The reason is that Wilmslow is designed and built around roads and it's the primary mode of transport for most people, whether you live in or are travelling into town.

If people are willing to take a serious look the towns transport infrastructure and make alternatives then there's a chance of reducing people using cars. If there was a joined up cycle network around the town (not just following roads) linking nearby places then people would be more encouraged to cycle. If there was a joined up pedestrian network (not just narrow paths following roads) linking all public transport then it would encourage more walking and using the public transport.

This is a medium to long term task and would need to happen in many phases but if you design out roads from a towns infrastructure and replace them with alternatives then you will solve the problems with cars.
Jo Jeffers
Sunday 14th June 2020 at 8:12 pm
Fully agree with the comment re. The council. I have raised an MES (members enquiry) and the council’s response was utterly disappointing. Their view is yellow lines is satisfactory as a solution my view is entirely isn’t as they have no impact.

Cheshire council needs to stop avoiding the issue, passing it into the police and start investigating what are the options. It was raised in the autumn highways meeting, it has been raised by multiple residents yet they continue to ignore it and just pretend it has been sorted, it has not. I hope it doesn’t take an accident to shake them into action and in the meantime I will continue to apply pressure for real responses.
David Smith
Thursday 18th June 2020 at 8:13 am
You are correct Dan Barnes:
The problem is that all cyclists coming from the Handforth direction of Wilmslow must eventually enter town via the narrow section of Manchester Road after the junction with Styal Road. It is downhill and has cars travelling in excess of the 30mph limit because they have not yet slowed down from their speed in the previous 40mph limited section and so probably still doing around 40mph. The pavement in this section is also very narrow with vegetation growing onto it and reducing the width [previously mentioned but with no action taken by the council or our local councillors]. At the same time there is NO pavement on the other side of the road.
So we have a black spot = accident waiting to happen section of road that none of our councillors or council or police or any 'do-gooders' on any other committees [Wilmslow town council] or groups seem to be aware. Add to this the parked delivery vans half on the pavement, HGV's trundling up the hill from Wilmslow and the bend in the road by Hill Top Avenue and it is amazing that no serious accident on a level that would become headlines in the national news with many deaths [schoolchildren, mothers with pushchairs, cyclists and the elderly] has as yet not occurred.
In addition there is the other 'accident waiting to happen' of a vehicle going up the hill after the roundabout, then leaving the road, plunging through those flimsy green metal railings on the left side just before the row of houses and ending up in the gardens of the houses below. Of course you haven't seen it because you go around with your eyes closed and can't see an accident waiting to happen. Neither can our local councillors whose main purpose as far as I am concerned is to be aware of issues like this at the very lowest, local level of government - and then do something about it. Have a look next time you are up that way.