New operation launched to help protect Cheshire during coronavirus pandemic

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A new operation has been launched by the Special Constabulary in Cheshire to help protect people during the coronavirus pandemic.

The force-wide operation will see the specially trained volunteers being as visible as possible in the local community, engaging with people and providing reassurance and support to both residents and businesses.

The Special Constabulary will be conducting patrols around schools and business premises across each Local Policing Unit area, where they will be working to deter, disrupt and prevent crime and anti-social behaviour.

Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire David Keane said: "Our Special Constabulary officers carry-out a selfless and vital role, putting themselves and their families at risk by supporting the policing effort and keep us all safe during this crisis.

"Many Special Constables have increased their hours to support the frontline policing effort with some even working almost full-time hours to support this operation.

"I would like to thank them for their dedicated service. We would not be able to deliver this important operation without their support."

As part of the new legislation that is in place, the Specials will also be following the 4E's approach – engaging with people, explaining the reasons behind the regulations and encouraging them to take it on board to ensure that everyone is fully complying with these restrictions.

Only as a last resort will enforcement action be taken, when it is necessary and appropriate.

Assistant Chief Constable Jenny Sims said: "I would like to thank the Special Constabulary for all the hard work that they are doing to ensure the people of Cheshire are kept safe during this unprecedented time.

"By providing vital support to our frontline officers this operation, led by the Special Constabulary, is just another way in which we are engaging, explaining and encouraging the public during the lockdown.

"This operation is not in response to any increase in crime but it is there to prevent crime and help provide vital reassurance to the local community – and, in particular, schools and businesses across the county.

"We are so proud of our volunteers who have shown an outstanding dedication to serve and protect the county."

Special Constabulary Chief Officer Celvyn Jones said: "I am extremely proud of our Special Constabulary who have continued to commit and perform their duties during this national emergency.

"We have seen an increase of volunteering hours from the team. The team dedicate their spare time in supporting their communities and protecting Cheshire

"Our officers will be engaging members of the community, providing advice, reassurance and a watchful eye to residents, schools and business owners during this challenging time.

"The contribution made by the Special Constabulary in Cheshire is nothing short of inspiring and I would encourage members of the community to consider if the unique and rewarding role of Special Constable could be one for you in the future and to visit the Cheshire Constabulary website for more information."

Click here for more information on how to sign up to become a member of the Special Constabulary.



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Simon Worthington
Thursday 30th April 2020 at 10:30 am
Dear oh dear!!! Who wrote that? Keane. Trumpet blower extraordinaire!! Staggering from sentence to sentence.
Tony Haluradivth
Friday 1st May 2020 at 9:57 am
My wife and I are elderley, we have obeyed the lockdown and stayed at home. Our daughter who lives nearby (in Alderley) kindly drove the 1.8 miles to collect our click and collect shopping from Wilmslow Waitrose 2 days ago(they do not offer this service at Alderley). She also had to drop off something to another elderley relative on the way (leaving item on doorstep with no contact) also in Wilmslow. Our daughter is in the Care sector and has been furloughed she has not used her tiny car since March 23rd. Helping us with shopping gave her the excuse to take it for a run (as old cars do not like being laid up) and complete the mercy drop to her Aunt. She was followed by a Police Car all the way out of Alderley and down the side roads leading to her Aunt's home in Wilmslow. She parked and the Patrol car parked behind her . She stayed in the car as the officer tapped on her window, she opened it a fraction and asked him to move further away as he was far too close. The young officer proceeded to interrogate her (none to graciously) as to what business she had to be out on the roads. This is a disgraceful use and waste of resources and smacks of pure harrassment. He at no time offered the same warnings or "guidance" to window cleaners operating on her road that day, or a man with a logoed van seen power washing a roof (all essential lockdown occupations). He (the young Police Officer) was terse and irritable and asked for her name and address which she was not obliged to give as he did NOT make clear whether she was being cautioned for a fictitious offence or being given "friendly" guidance. Her car is roadworthy, legal, taxed and MOT plus fully insured, she was not speeding. For the want of anything better to do he picked on her as an easy target. My daughter DID show him the click and collect screenshot on her phone.Clearly peeved that she had an "alibi" he told her that leaving the house was only for strict necessities and should not involve car journeys. What an officious little Stasi bully who was also flouting the social distance rule anyway...meanwhile his colleagues in GMP allowed 500 to congregate at the funeral of a Drug Baron last week and turned a blind eye as they do to the boy racers who have turned Alderley into a drag circuit of late. Keane needs to vet his new "friendly" force with more care, I have encouraged her to complain about this heavy handed officer who made her feel nervous and like a criminal for no reason. As the saying tells "no good deed goes unpunished" and Police need to realise that they Police by consent. That man Keane (who is most unpopular) is clearly riding high on the fact that because of CoVid he now gets 2 more years Lording over us as the PCC elections were cancelled. I would like to see him eventually voted out.
Jon Williams
Friday 1st May 2020 at 11:51 am
That policeman need a dressing down from above !
Tony Haluradivth
Saturday 2nd May 2020 at 9:23 am
True Jon...he may get a pat on the back though. She told me she has never been stooped by Police in her life before and felt luke a criminal . I told her this was regular daily occurrence for her grandparents when we lived in Nazi Germany :,(