Kind-hearted neighbour brightens up people's day

A Wilmslow man who is described as having a heart of gold has been bringing a smile to his neighbours during the coronavirus lockdown.

Robert Topping, 43, has been dropping off home made cakes, cheesecakes and sandwiches to his neighbours on Summerfelds as well as delivering around Wilmslow, Handforth and Bramhall. He has also been sending takeaways to people to cheer them up.

Robert, who has funded this himself, said "I just wanted to give a little something back and to help people that may be down or struggling right now.

"It made people smile, which is important right now more than ever."

He added "It has been nice to put a smile on people faces. It makes my day. But there are a lot of people doing it. Which is amazing and shows the community spirit. I'm very proud of everyone."

Robert has also performed a piano concert live on Facebook to raise money for Age UK who are helping the elderly during the coronavirus.

So far Robert has raised over £200 and he will be performing another concert on Facebook on Thursday, 16th April, and matching the amount raised.

Arnie Moore told "My neighbour Robert Topping has been doing amazing things for the community.

"He has been amazing to us all and has a true heart heart of gold."

Robert added "I was very careful and respected social distancing and food preparation was done using a pair of disposable gloves for each item."