It's taken some time but the yellow lines are finally here

Many local residents will be delighted to see that workers from Cheshire East Highways are busy painting yellow lines this morning (Sunday, 22nd March) on Alderley Road, from the Coach and Four to King's Arms Roundabout.

This action was one of a number of initiatives and schemes identified in the Wilmslow Parking Review Final Report (published on 4th March) to support the delivery of a long term parking strategy for Wilmslow.

In total 47 measures have been identified, which have been categorised as Short (Under 12 months), Medium (1-3 years) Long (3+ years) opportunities - with the following three short term measures to take forward imminently are:

• Development of a business case to develop Broadway Meadows into a multi deck car park to address the issues of long stay parking provision;

• Alderley Road traffic management and parking restrictions from Coach and Four to King's Arms Roundabout; and

• Detail design for localised parking management schemes as identified which would not be seen as detrimental to parking in Wilmslow.

Cllr Dave Jefferay said "It really is great to see this happen. All those cars along Alderley road have been hindering traffic flow and causing dangerous situations for many years now with responsibility has been pushed to and fro between the council and the police. Eventually, frustrated residents even put down cones themselves.

"The other RoW councillors and I have been pushing hard for this "simple" task of just putting some paint down since we were elected in May. In reality, even for something as simple as this, a lot of work is necessary to satisfy all the due process and consultation required by law. Then, of course, Christmas and bad weather stopped play hence it has taken longer than we would have hoped. But we got there eventually and the council's enforcement officers now have the tools to stop all that inconsiderate parking on Alderley Road."

He added "Unfortunately, that's not the end of it. The cars will be displaced to somewhere else and that is why we have been concurrently working towards an increase in overall parking capacity in the town. As a result of the wilmslow parking study, which has just been published, funding has been approved for the initial design studies for a new multistorey car park on Broadway Meadows. It won't happen overnight but we are making very good progress and it looks like Wilmslow may finally get some of the investment it needs."

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Manuel Golding
Sunday 22nd March 2020 at 1:53 pm
A very big Well Done and Thank You to Residents of Wilmslow's (RoW) four Cheshire East councillors (Toni Fox, David Jefferay, Mark Goldsmith and Iain Macfarlane) for making this happen. This is the long awaited counter to the lazy, unthinking & uncaring car-parking fraternity who had caused so much mayhem and chaos for the past 18 months. I'm afraid we will see these very same uncaring "ME, Me, Me" drivers hunting around for fresh pastures to inflict their "litter" for someone else to clear up their mess. It's not been easy but this continued daily obstruction was required to be the first priority for clearing as stipulated in the RoW manifesto last May. So much for the previous Conservative councillors' inability to solve the problem "to get things done".
This clearly demonstrates the benefit of RoW (independent) councillors who are working for the electors not a party as seen before.

The next step is, hopefully, progress on the RoW initiative for a long awaited multi-deck car park in Broadway Meadow and all the benefits that will bring to Wilmslow's car parking problem.
Trevor Lambert
Wednesday 25th March 2020 at 4:29 pm
Great news at last and hopefully just the beginning.
As a more than occasional cyclist I am amazed, however, at the number of cars parked in cycle lanes...on Alderley Road south of the new yellow lines and on Manchester Road. My understanding is that this is illegal, but no-one ever gets a violation ticket.
Roger Bagguley
Thursday 26th March 2020 at 7:12 pm
Trevor Lambert: I believe cycle lanes marked with a continuous line indicate illegal parking. On the roads you mention the lines are broken. Why I don't know. RoW is supportive of the WNP aspiration to have these tracks marked with a solid line they being important to a new cycle network across Cheshire East.