Reader's Letter: Investigations into Alderley Road flooding cause absolute chaos

Well the thrirteenth inundation since last July is currently ongoing.

Allegedly investigations are being carried out by CEC Highways into why we have had all these floods since the by-pass was built; but there was not a soul around when I went for a paddle this morning.

They have put in place an utterly stupid traffic diversion which routes vehicles into Fulshaw Park South, which is a cul-de-sac with a Traffic Regulation Order forbidding vehicles from entering, except for access to properties. There have been possibly thousands of cars trying to find a way out of this nightmare, doing u-turns, reversing at high speed, going up dead ends and private driveways, blowing horns and generally getting cross; the only exit is via Fulshaw Park a narrow, unmade, Private Street, also with a Traffic Regulation Order. The traffic should really be diverted onto Knutsford Road at the Fulshaw Cross (King's Arms) and then onto Brook Lane.

I telephoned Cheshire East Highways on the Emergency number shown on the website... several choices and recorded voices and finally was told that they were open during office hours, Monday to Friday. Fabulous.

As I'm a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator for part of Fulshaw Park I telephoned 101 in an attemp to "summon a constable" this morning; I listened to 35 minutes of recorded voices before giving up; this afternoon I got through to a cop who actually knows the area and who said he would get on to Highways to put a sensible diversion in! In the good old days I had a direct number to Wilmslow Police station and could speak to someone who usually made things happen within minutes of the call.

I have attached a selection of photos from this and other floods; there are clues in the photos to where the water is coming from and going to; in my opinion the source seems to be the culvert into the Brook on Royal London land adjacent to the Alderley Road bridge. This pipe really should have a flap-valve to close it off when the level in the Brook is high. This water bubbles up via a manhole cover in the RL wood and the also the road gullies on Alderley Road. Evidently water is pumped into the Brook from tanks near the railway bridge over the bypass (anyone remember what a load of trouble that job was, contractor went bust and there were months of delays) the bypass flooded within weeks of being opened and, iirc, larger pumps and tanks had to be retro-fitted. That's great for keeping the bypass clear but... you know what I'm thinking!

The big question is: what will happen if Royal London build all their planned new empty offices and Hotel, plus massive tarmac car park on this land?

Reader's Letter


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Nick Jones
Sunday 23rd February 2020 at 3:35 pm
With more development this will get much worse... common sense please CEC !
James MacDonald
Sunday 23rd February 2020 at 4:29 pm
Well said Pete. I've seen hundreds of cars speeding up Fulshaw Park South, and then trying to drive fast down Fulshaw Park, probably the worst road in Wilmslow, wrecking their cars in the process. In 2 days I've seen some guys drop off / move cones and signs but no sign of any investigating. Meanwhile Alderley Road and the pavement remain flooded. In China they would have built 1/3 hospital by now.
Manuel Golding
Monday 24th February 2020 at 2:51 pm
Thanks for the photos but this barely covers the local chaos as a result of thus latest flooding charade. This is an object lesson in how not to manage a potential problem, an area that Cheshire East Council's apparatchiks are past masters.
The flooding has been with us ever since the Wilmslow by pass opened, as Pete Taylor refers. As the bulk of the water onto Alderley Road is flowing from Royal London's land I would hope that this company's oft trumpeted cry of being a "responsible Wilmslow neighbour" would ensure that it's engineers are in discussion with CEC to jointly work to achieve a long term solution.
The Highways bods should learn to read Street Plans to ensure they fo not divert traffic (cars, vans, trucks & even ambulances) via a unmade, potholed private road with akk the damage to that road ensuing. A good case for compensation to the road's residents requires a compensatory resolution.
This is a saga of consistent long term inept management by "responsible" officers who chose to turn a blind eye to the pending problem.
Maybe this is the opportunity for this council to load these inept people onto the sailing ship
"S.S. Cheshire East".........bon voyage!!! And we welcome a new crew landing from the "S.S. Competent Crew".
David Nelson
Friday 28th February 2020 at 4:52 pm
I think they think it's a great plan to totally close Wilmslow down. Muppets!