Plans for 60-bed care home to be unveiled at public exhibition

Wilmlow visual front of home cr

The public are being invited to a view plans for a new 60-bedroom care home in Wilmslow.

Care UK are proposing to build the care home on a site at 107 to 109 Manchester Road which is currently occupied by two detached properties. One of the properties is a dentist surgery and the a private house, the owners of which have both agreed to sell to Care UK if the planning consent is granted.

A Care UK spokesperson said: "If we are successful in getting planning consent to build this home, it will provide places for up to 60 local people and create between 60 and a hundred permanent jobs in roles including housekeeping, care, catering and nursing."

The public exhibition is being held at Wilmslow Parish Hall on Cliff Road between 4pm and 7pm on Monday, 17th February.

A Care UK spokesperson added "We really want to hear what local people think about the proposal and we will happily answer any questions that local residents may have.

"There will be displays about our plans and plenty of people on hand to talk about the proposals and Care UK."



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Chris Neill
Friday 14th February 2020 at 7:41 am
Thought we needed car parks?
Joanne Anderson
Friday 14th February 2020 at 3:18 pm
Yes we do need extra parking in Wilmslow Centre so that people who work there but don't live in wilmslow have all day parking and stop clogging up residents drives and roads making it sometimes impossible to get off ones drive and for the emergency services and refuse collections impossible to get to them... This is more about individuals feelings towards a 24 hour care home being operated in a heavily residential area.
Chris Neill
Saturday 15th February 2020 at 1:51 pm
Thanks Joanne, yes I know....why not make it a small car park then. My point is.....anything , houses, flats, homes, are nearly always passed for planning and take up more precious land to overdevelop our already overdeveloped embattled town. But nobody builds car parks, yet traffic and parking are the top of all complaints.
I would suggest a moratorium on building anything other than car park facilities until the obvious vehicle problems are addressed. Common sense that isn't it planners ?
Mark Goldsmith
Sunday 16th February 2020 at 5:54 pm

An announcement about a new car park for Wilmslow will be made in the next few weeks along with how we plan to tackle the problem parking in the town over the next 3 years. Our plans do not include the proposed private car park in Hawthorn Lane though because it is highly unlikely to be granted planning permission due a number of adverse factors against it.

When any planning application for this nursing home is submitted, it will very likely be heard by the Northern Planning Committee that has twice rejected a very similar looking design for a nursing home on Handforth Road. This is a different site and application though, so it will be reviewed afresh, but it does highlight that the new council is not the planning pushover it was under the old Conservative regime.

Finally, the Highways department are preparing their plans for the new cycle routes in Wilmslow that will be installed later this year. Their proposals will be published in April for consultation and I fully expect that the current advisory cycle route on Manchester Road will be recommended to become a mandatory one. This will automatically make it an offence for vehicles to park on there. Currently, it is only an advisory cycle lane, which is very difficult to enforce. Therefore, should planning permission be granted for this nursing home (and it is an if), the building contractors and its subsequent visitors will not be allowed to park on Manchester Road.

Cllr Mark Goldsmith
Residents of Wilmslow
Cheshire East & Wilmslow Town Council