Don't miss chance to share your views on governance of town and parish councils

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Local residents are being urged not to miss out on sharing your views on the governance arrangements for all Cheshire East's town and parish councils.

The council launched a survey of residents and other stakeholders on 28 October, which will inform a review being undertaken across the borough by the local authority.

The council is responsible for the governance and electoral arrangements for the 186 town and parish council wards in 142 town and parish councils, which cover the whole borough. This community governance review (CGR) will include:

● Town and parish boundaries;

● Numbers of town and parish councillors;

● Grouping of parishes; and

● Warding.

As part of this process, the council wants people's initial views on how they feel current governance arrangements for town and parishes are faring and whether there is a need for change – and why?

People are being urged to take part in a pre-consultation survey on the council's website. It seeks to gather information, which will support the development of community governance proposals for formal consultation in 2020.

Councillor Joy Bratherton, chairman of Cheshire East Council's community governance review sub-committee, said: "As part of the review, we need to hear people's views on how effective current town and parish arrangements are at meeting local needs and would like to hear any suggestions as to how this could be improved.

"The present arrangements predate the creation of Cheshire East, under local government reorganisation, and we are mindful that there's since been considerable change to the population, its distribution and to the borough's settlements."

Cllr Bratherton added: "There certainly won't be change for change's sake and so I would urge people to take part in this pre-consultation survey and share their views via the council website.

Paper copies of the survey can also be obtained from local libraries. The survey runs until 31 January 2020.

Government guidance advises that it is good practice to hold a review of town and parish governance every 10-15 years. The last was done before Cheshire East Council was created in 2009.

The aim is to complete the process well before the scheduled local elections in May 2023.

The Cheshire East community governance review does not include the electoral arrangements for borough council or parliamentary seats. These would be the responsibility of Whitehall (the Local Government Boundary Commission and the Boundary Commission for England, respectively) and are not currently proposed.

For more information about CGR visit the council webpage.

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