In Bloom judges impressed by all the volunteers' contributions

The RHS Judges toured Wilmslow in the baking heat this week to assess the town's entry into this year's North West In Bloom Competition.

Their tour on Tuesday, 23rd July, started at the United Reformed Church and carried on through Chapel Lane, to the Temp, to Lindow Common and then to the centre of the town before admiring the Incredible Edible beds by the library.

A new feature this year was the Turing Memorial on Broadway which was planted by students of Wilmslow High School and features rainbow coloured plants all of which exhibit growth in a Fibonacci sequence (where each number is the sum of the two preceding ones).

Ruth Menlove, Chair of Wilmslow In Bloom, said "The RHS aren't just looking at flowers and floral displays, they're also considering the level of community involvement and the ways in which we demonstrate environmental responsibility. The town looks particularly bright and colourful and the Judges appeared impressed by the sheer breadth of the contributions made by our volunteer collaborators both those gardening and those whose skills favoured the knitting needle.

"This year, volunteers have been encouraged to record their time spent in supporting the various projects in and around the town. By the end of June, these had totalled an amazing 2,000 hours. We need to add to that the hours contributed by the Knit and Crochet groups."

Helen Yates commented "The regional judges were here to not only assess our town entry but also to help guide us into any improvements we need to make before the National judges visit Wilmslow on 8th August.

"We are so grateful to all volunteers for the help we've received in the past few weeks to attempt to make Wilmslow 'weed free' but we'll need to redouble our efforts during the next ten days so keep your eyes on our Facebook page for the ways in which you could help."

Ruth added "We are through stage one of our assessment but the final leg still awaits. Please help us by pulling weeds, picking litter or even better by signing up to one of the groups working to help Wilmslow. Details are on the notice board near the library."

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