Volunteers remove over 500 bags of rubbish in 2018

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A group of volunteers who help keep Wilmslow tidy by organising litter picking events twice a month have removed 529 bags of litter off the streets of Wilmslow during 2018.

Eight volunteers met at Wilmslow Garden Centre on Wednesday 5th December, which was a horrible rainy day so the conditions meant that they decided to finish early at 11am for a well earned hot drink. They collected 11 bags which, under the circumstances, was a great effort.

Another eight volunteers met at Summerfields on Saturday 8th December and covered the surrounding area including Colshaw Drive. They collected 26 bags of litter plus some recyclables and a lot of debris including 2 clothes airers and several supermarket baskets.

Since they started their litter picking events in December 2013 they have collected a total of 2050 bags of rubbish in Wilmslow.

A spokesperson for Wilmslow Clean Team said "I am torn between pride for all the amazing hard work by our volunteers and disappointment that the whole issue of littering is not being dealt with."

Wilmslow Clean Team are always on the lookout for new volunteers. They provide all the equipment, insurance and training. Please check their Volunteer page if you can spare some time to help us. They don't expect volunteers to attend every litter picking event – you can just come along when you can or use their equipment to pick up litter at a more convenient time.

Wilmslow Clean Team


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Nick Jones
Tuesday 8th January 2019 at 6:00 pm
Horrendous statistics... absolutely bewildering... But thank you to all those who were able to commit and make our fine town a cleaner place...
Peter Davenport
Tuesday 8th January 2019 at 9:43 pm
Dear All
My Wife and I for 5 years have doing the same on half of Adlington road, part of Dean Row, and Cross lane for this period, and half collected about half a bin bag each week, with the insult last Sunday, that a motorist threw rubbish out of the car right by me.
Well done the others.
All I would like to add, is that if every house holder in Wilmslow, as a new Year's Resolution, picked up what was by their house weekly, Wilmslow would be better still
Peter Davenport