Decision due on Royal London's plans for 180 new homes


Plans to build around 180 new homes on former Green Belt land in Wilmslow are scheduled to be determined next week.

Royal London are seeking outline planning permission to build 60 homes on a 4.45 hectares parcel of land located west of Alderley Road (reference 17/5837M) which is owned by Royal London.

Secondly, they are applying to build 120 dwellings on a piece of land that is located to the northern part of the Royal London campus - between Alderley Road and the West Coast Main Line (reference 17/5838M). These properties would be a maximum of 4 stories high along the southern boundary and 3 stories elsewhere.

Both sites were released from the Green Belt in order to assist the Council in achieving a five year supply of housing and were allocated within the Local Plan for residential use. The Royal London campus site is also allocated for the provision of 5 ha of employment land and a hotel.

Wilmslow Town Council's Planning Committee recommended refusal of both planning applications.

Representations were received from 86 properties in relation to the site west of Alderley Road and 72 in regard of the Royal London campus plans.

The main points of objections were about the impact of the proposal on highway safety and an increase in traffic in an already congested area; too many access points along Alderley Road; loss of an open field, loss of trees and hedgerows, increased risk of flooding and lack of capacity in local schools, doctors and dental practices.

In support of the proposals people welcomed the provision of affordable housing within the development and the increase in footpath and cycle routes and felt that the local housing market is too constrained.

Regarding the planning application for a section of the Royal London campus, Wilmslow Town Council recommend refusal on the grounds of the traffic highways issues that would be created by access to the site at the proposed location and that the existing entrance to the Royal London development would be better used during both the construction phase and subsequently. 

Alderley Edge Parish Council also recommended refusal as it felt the scheme was inappropriate development in the Green Belt and despite its being in Wilmslow they felt it would put strain on Alderley Edge infrastructure.

The planning officer is recommending that the Strategic Planning Board approves both applications at their meeting on Wednesday, 28th March, subject to a S106 Agreement.

The report states "The applicant is providing financial contributions required in order to make the development acceptable and is providing the full amount of affordable housing on site which is essential in order to make the development sustainable in the future. It is considered that the proposals are environmental, socially and economically sustainable and accord with the development plan and the framework. The site is sustainably located within the town and the proposals represent an efficient use of the land."

It continues "It has been demonstrated the development will not have a detrimental impact on the local highway network, the trees on and around the site or to local ecology. Although some matters must be dealt with by way of conditions at this stage.

"It is considered that the proposal represents sustainable development and accords with the development plan policies outlined in the report and national planning policy and guidance. Therefore for the reasons mentioned above the application is recommended for approval."

The applications are for outline permission for residential development, with all matters reserved except for means of access off Alderley Road, together with associated infrastructure and open space. Layout, scale, appearance and landscaping are reserved for future approval.

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Nick Jones
Wednesday 21st March 2018 at 2:31 pm
Why the charade ? The decision is already made! There is even a sign offering the land for sale with potential planning permission .. Whens that election ??
Pippa Jones
Wednesday 21st March 2018 at 2:45 pm
I would really like to know what is "sustainable" about loss of hedgerows, loss of trees, loss of an open field, increased flooding risk, increased traffic in an already congested area leading to increased air pollution which we know is associated with increased childhood asthma as well as other diseases, and lack of capacity in local GP surgeries and schools? And who precisely will hold the developer's feet to the fire in terms of the cycle and walkways, the "affordable" housing (what is "affordable" in Wilmslow?). How does the Planning Officer define "economically, environmentally and socially sustainable"?
It also makes a complete mockery of any public consultation, where the views of two Parish Councillors and numerous local people are completely ignored.
Around Chapel Lane, there are new developments which remain sustainable is that? I worry that the developers will completely tarmac over the town and then we may be left with houses that are unsold, because they are too expensive or in the wrong place. I do hope that our local CEC Councillors could take this matter up with CEC as the extensive public consultation, and consultation with our elected representatives on our Town Councils, seems to have absolutely no bearing on the decision of the Planning Officer.
Richard Slater
Wednesday 21st March 2018 at 2:53 pm
Local plan site, just a matter of the rubber stamp.
Simon Worthington
Wednesday 21st March 2018 at 4:55 pm
So, Buy some greenbelt for a few grand an acre, sit and make all sorts of promises, brag about being the largest local employer, lie to the council, locals etc. pay a few bob out ("The applicant is providing financial contributions") ensuring it goes into the right pockets (careful here) and then (at £150k a plot) trouser £45 MILLION.
Julian Barlow
Wednesday 21st March 2018 at 5:26 pm
Pippa Jones: There are certain words within the Cheshire East Compendium of Absolute Cobblers that are bereft of meaning. They're linguistic stuffed badgers. On first inspection they might appear to have some substance and integrity, but the lightest prod will see that they have no substance whatsoever, they are in fact hollow.

When Cheshire East use words such as "sustainable" "affordable" or "coordinated" it's an absolute certainty that the project referred to will be none of those things.

The word "strategic" has become their very own Kitemark for ineptitude. If CEC refer to something as "strategic" you can be assured that there's a disaster pending.
Terry Roeves
Wednesday 21st March 2018 at 5:27 pm
S106 money won’t get used in Wilmslow. it has not happened for Adlington Rd and elsewhere. As WTC show increasing anger at unilateral CEC behaviour. We should welcome a growing independent spirit from our Cllrs.
Must be a point that their independence turns into a protest and they stand against the Conservative candidates.
Democracy will be better served instead of a pussilaminous hegemony.
Look how it has served us at the scandal ridden CEC.
Chris Neill
Wednesday 21st March 2018 at 9:36 pm
So sickeningly disappointing for our embattled town, already under seige. All parties involved in this mindless destruction of our neighbourhood should enjoy their salacious greed, and then move on to maybe shooting a few elephants or the odd white rhino.
Alan Brough
Thursday 22nd March 2018 at 8:57 am
And, as the decision is about to be announced the packed hall falls silent as the adjudicator tears open the fat, brown envelope.
David Nelson
Thursday 22nd March 2018 at 9:38 am
The Tory council disgusts me. Yet more railroading through of decisions to keep the fat cats fat. Shocking.