Controversial Stanneylands development back on the agenda

Having been deferred due to insufficient information being provided, the controversial planning application for a new residential development on land north of Stanneylands Road will be discussed again by the Strategic Planning Committee next week.

David Wilson Homes' application to build 174 homes, on Green Belt land which is included in the Local Plan as a site suitable for up to 200 homes, was deferred at the meeting of the Strategic Planning Board on 22nd November.

This decision was taken for the following reasons; for the provision of visibility splays in respect of the private drives accessed from Stanneylands Road; details of the proposed roundabout; provision of a pedestrian crossing on Stanneylands Road; details of the route from the footbridge to Sagars Road; distances to local services and lack of information on ecology.

Since the previous meeting further information and plans regarding the above have been provided.

Additionally, whilst not a specific reason for deferral, the option of a pedestrian/cycle route from the site to Manchester Road across the Wilmslow Garden Centre has continued to be explored and the garden centre has now indicated they remain 'open to entering discussions with the Council or developer regarding use of part of the car park subject to agreement on terms'.

David Wilson Homes has agreed a financial contribution of up to £150,000 to provide this pedestrian/cycle link, but should it become clear the link cannot be provided the money will be put towards other schemes to improve connectivity between the site and Manchester Road.

Discussions have also been on-going over the future of the public open space and should the land be passed to the Council a commuted sum of £488,293 will be required to allow the management of the land over the next 15 years.

As the amount of open space exceeds the level of open space that would normally be required it has been agreed with the applicant the financial contribution of £122,000 for recreation open space, which has been earmarked for the Jim Evison playing fields, would be waived should the applicant decide to pass the land to the Council. Should the applicant decide to retain the land and manage it through a management company the £122,000 contribution will be paid.

The Planning Officer is again recommending the application for approval, subject to a Section 106 Agreement. This has been amended to include: an educational contribution of £499,567; contribution to indoor recreation of £25,500; contribution towards health provision of £185,679; contribution for monitoring of Travel Plan £5,000; provision of the bridge across the River Dean; a financial contribution to be agreed for the provision of a direct pedestrian / cycle route to Manchester Road or improvements to the local cycle and footpath network between the site and Manchester Road of £150,000 and a contribution of £80,000 for the junction of Manchester Road and Stanneylands Road.

The Planning Officer's report for the Strategic Planning Meeting concludes "The matters for which the application was deferred have been fully addressed. It has been demonstrated that adequate visibility can be achieved for vehicles leaving the site from the private driveways and the roundabout. The position of the pedestrian crossing is considered acceptable and the details of the type of crossing will be agreed through an additional condition on the decision notice. The site is a sustainable site and the proposals are acceptable from an ecological perspective. The application continues to be recommended for approval in accordance with the heads of terms above and the conditions listed in the main report."

The Strategic Planning Committee meeting will take place at 10.30am on Wednesday, 20th December at Macclesfield Town Hall.

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Charlie Cook
Thursday 14th December 2017 at 2:41 pm
Anyone who has had to suffer the recent diversion because of the closure of Styal Road, and the resultant traffic jams around the hotel, will know that this development will totally snag up traffic for years to come.
Julian Barlow
Friday 15th December 2017 at 11:04 am
Wow!!!! Never in the history of CEC has such a speedy resolution been reached over such complex issues-It's a Christmas miracle!

Except this isn't a miracle, its a fudge of ambiguous terminology. Take the pedestrian/cycle path which, if CEC are serious about tackling traffic and protecting the environment, is essential. The ideal route for such a path would be through the garden centre and yet the only commitment the developer can give is that the garden centre are "open to discussion" and that the developer is prepared to contribute "up to" £150,000 for a path they've yet to ascertain they can build. If they can't build the path, the money will go towards improving connectivity via means they are unable to describe.

The financial contributions to education are so insignificant they're laughable. Assuming each home has one child, that would be an additional 174 school places at schools that are already over subscribed. It equates to a contribution of under £3000 per child for potentially 14 years worth of schooling. It wouldn't buy a term of education at a private school.

CEC have a proven track record of being appalling negotiators and consistently provide poor value for their constituents.

I hope as many people as possible turn up at the planning meeting next week so that those who ask for our votes at election time, can be observed as they cast their votes on this contentious issue.
Roger Bagguley
Saturday 16th December 2017 at 10:11 am
What we know from round one is that there are councillors who will vote through a flawed application, even prepared to gamble with road safety. A very vocal public have told CEC over and over again the access from Stanneylands Road should never have been considered with land owned by the Garden Centre offering a much safer and more sustainable option that seems not to have been pursued with much determination by CEC. No matter ones personal state of being; young, old, fit or infirm infrastructure per say is sadly lacking. The site is not as well connected to Wilmslow as the glossy wants us to believe so connectivity with Handforth is overstated via a footpath/cycleway that may or may not be achievable assuming you own a quad bike.

For so many reasons this application is not sound so should be rejected says RoW. All councillors able to see beyond the need for housing at all costs must reject this and insist their officers in future do not bring applications to them until all issues raised by their public have been addressed.
Pete Taylor
Tuesday 19th December 2017 at 8:50 pm
As the four sitting CEC Tory Councillors do not directly contribute to this forum, can anyone advise if they do engage personally (as in answer questions posed) on any other social media or public forum?