Students show off their language skills to French Ambassador

During her trip to Cheshire on Friday, 8th January, the French Ambassador Sylvie Bermann visited Wilmslow High School, accompanied by Chancellor Osborne, where they met students studying French.

They took part in an interactive lesson with Year 8 students who will be travelling to France on a school trip later this year. Mr Osborne and Ambassador Sylvie Berman joined Headmaster James Pulle to take questions from the students and ask plenty of their own.

Four Year Six pupils from Alderley Edge Community Primary School, along with Headteacher Chris Perry, also met George and the Ambassador at Wilmslow High to discuss the secondary school's Language Leaders Programme, where Wilmslow High students mentor and teach primary school children in foreign languages.

George Osborne said: "Modern foreign languages are crucially important in today's international economy. They allow our children to immerse themselves in exciting foreign cultures and boost their employability when they leave school. I was so proud to show the French Ambassador the fantastic work our local schools are doing in this area. We are so fortunate to have great schools and dedicated teachers who value foreign languages and want to share their passion and ability with the pupils."

Dr James Pullé, headteacher at Wilmslow High School said "We were delighted to welcome to school today George Osborne and Sylvie Bermann, the French Ambassador to the UK. Keen to see the work done by our excellent Modern Foreign Languages team, our guests were welcomed by Lucy Anderson and Alice Watkins (A-Level French students) and Matis Blamey and Amelie Craven (Y8 students whose home language is French).

"Our guests then participated in a GCSE French lesson, a question and answer session from a number of Year 8 students, a lesson taught by Student Language Leaders from Years 7 and 9 to pupils from Alderley Edge Community School and a showcase of the activities being done by KS3 students in their Mandarin Club.

"The enthusiasm, commitment and expertise on show from students and staff was most impressive and it was very motivating for them to be able to share this with Mr Osborne and Madame Bermann."

George Osborne, Sylvie Bermann, Wilmslow High School