Potential use of newly built town centre premises widened


Orbit Developments have been granted a change of use for a recently constructed building in Wilmslow town centre in order to widen the buildings permitted uses to attract occupants.

The building at 40 Water Lane is three storeys and already had consent for a car showroom, A1 retail and B1 offices but the ground and first floor of the building have remained vacant since it was built.

Permission has now been granted to widen the use of the ground floor and first floor to add D1 (medical, health and dental).

The scheme also includes the insertion of four high level windows on the ground floor to increase the natural light. No changes to the layout of the building or landscaping are included in the scheme.

Access to 40 Water Lane is via an unnamed street between Cresta House and Springfield House.

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Pete Taylor
Thursday 29th October 2015 at 10:04 pm
"Speculative office-build without paying customers seeks to modify design".

Just an alternative headline.

If there is a surplus of office space in Wilmslow currently- how can Royal London, and others, reasonably apply to build more?

Who granted the "change of use"?
Simon Worthington
Monday 2nd November 2015 at 1:39 pm
How the planning permission for this eyesore was passed is a mystery. The existing single storey showroom was granted planning years ago for just that purpose. The builder even had the audacity to object to the equally ugly block of flats that has just been constucted behind it adding to the sewage problems on Grove Avenue.
This was built on it's own carpark after the tennant running his successful was ejected. Not the first time this type of cunning plan has been used - remember the old Railway Hotel, demolished on a weekend and the "restaurant or catering facility" which was a condition of planning did not let for two years, not surprising as the rent was astronomical and change of use was then applied for and granted. Guess who??? Answers on the head of a pin.