Twins achieve identical A-level results

Twins from Wilmslow High School have achieved exactly the same A level results.

Jayne and Claire Wallace both attained A* in biology, A in maths and A in chemistry.

Following their success the sisters will now be go their separate ways as Jayne is heading to Leeds University to study medical sciences whilst Claire is off to study biomedical sciences at Birmingham University.

Jayne commented "We have to part at some point."

However, another set of twins from Wilmslow High School will head to the same university to study the same course.

Lucy and Olivia Massey are both going to study maths at Liverpool University having achieved similar results.

Lucy got A in maths, B in further maths and B in psychology whilst Olivia got AAB in the same subjects.

Photos: Jayne and Claire Wallace and Lucy and Olivia Massey.

A Levels, Wilmslow High School