Dangerous school parking targeted

Police in Wilmslow North are taking steps to tackle dangerous parking in the area during school rush hours.

A project called 'DIPZY' is being run out of Wilmslow Grange Primary School by local Police Community Support Officers Gareth Harding and Rebecca Woolley.

PCSO Gareth Harding of Wilmslow North Neighbourhood Policing Team said: "There have been ongoing problems with parking in the areas surrounding the school which need to be addressed.

"The project will look to target this by engaging directly with both the school and motorists."

'DIPZY' stands for 'Double yellow lines, ins-and-outs, pavements, zigzag lines and yellow lines' .

As part of the project, pupils at the school will be asked to design their own tickets for dangerously parked cars.

The tickets will then be placed on offending vehicles by the PCSOs and the school's road safety officers.

It is hoped that this approach will make motorists think twice before leaving their cars in dangerous positions in the future.

Wilmslow Grange


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Kate Bennett
Tuesday 15th January 2013 at 3:01 pm
I wish I had found a ticket designed by a child instead of the parking fine I received from a CEO on my car which was parked on the wide grass verge outside my own house where I have lived for over thirty years - and where my car caused absolutely no obstruction or danger whatsoever!
Alison Warburton
Tuesday 15th January 2013 at 3:18 pm
Would be good if there was also a clampdown on people parking on pavements!
Carole Burton
Tuesday 15th January 2013 at 4:48 pm
Dangerous parking does need to be tackled! But remember those children at Gorsey who were doing a traffic watch that were abused by that motorist when he was stopped by the police officer for alledgedly speeding. So let's not be too gimicky.
James MacDonald
Tuesday 15th January 2013 at 8:14 pm
Kate, your car may have caused no obstruction or danger, but it was not your land and your car will damage the grass, particularly at this time of year. The council has to spend money maintaining the grass verges and you are contributing towards an overspend. After living there for over 30 years, you really should know better.

All illegal parking is potentially hazardous to pedestrians, particularly the young, elderly, disabled, etc. It is pure laziness of drivers not to park responsibly.
Steph Sankey
Tuesday 15th January 2013 at 10:46 pm
We've had the DIPZY tickets at Ashdene PS and it improved things for a couple of days, then everyone just went back to parking anywhere.
Stuart Redgard
Tuesday 15th January 2013 at 11:58 pm
Steph: Interesting to get some real feedback.

I believe that the issue of unlawful and dangerous parking is going to be on the Agenda of the next Town Council meeting in 21st January. I also understand that Inspector Sue Mills from Wilmslow NPU will be in attendance to take questions from councillors.

Dave Cash
Wednesday 16th January 2013 at 3:37 am
I think the Agenda item under discussion was 'Control of inconsiderate parking' deferred from Dec. CEC is an approved de-criminalised Authority whose CEOs do not enforce contravention 27 'footway parking' for some reason known only to CEC
I expect Insp Sue Mills to promote sale of PCSO time to WTC @ x hrs/wk for issue of de-crim PCNs not crim FPNs.
As Steph suggests, mickey mouse dipsy tickets may act as a temp warning,easily ignored without cash penalty and totting points on driviing licence.
Also DIPSY tickets only app apply toi school locale not Waitrose or other residential environs.
If CEC extended it's CEO powers to isue PCNs for the full range of app contraventions, the cost to the C Taxpayer would be minima and no reason to employ PCSOs away from their normal duties
Kate Bennett
Wednesday 16th January 2013 at 2:06 pm
James, I am writing this from the naughty step - still reeling from your rather extreme reprimand!
You are most welcome to come and view the grass verge outside our house and you will see that it isn't damaged in any way at all.
We are not irresponsible house owners neither are we contributing to any overspend by the council. In fact we have on occasions done their gardening jobs for them as they have presumably been too overstretched to attend to the maintenance of the verges.
We do not make a habit of parking on the verge. Unfortunately this rare occasion coincided with the newly appointed and overzealous CEO's pre Christmas head-hunting mission.
What a pity you didn't visit the area before you judged us so harshly!
BTW if you do decide to call round you are permitted to park your car on the grass verge in the evenings or on a Sunday.
I'm not sure how your argument stands up with that one!
Dave Cash
Wednesday 16th January 2013 at 4:49 pm
It would appear Insp Sue Mills' presentation will be made to the Community & Order Committee meeting on Mon 21st Jan at 6.45pm in the United Reform Church, Alderley Rd, prior to the full Council meeting at 7.30pm (same venue). The public are invited to attend both meetings.
Stuart Redgard
Thursday 17th January 2013 at 12:44 am
Kate. What I didn't know unit last year is that yellow lines on roads have effect from the curb of the highway to the boundary line of the nearest private land. Hence civil enforcement officers (CEOs) can issue Penalty Enforcement Notices (PENS aka Parking tickets) for all types of surface (ie pavements / grass verges) which are adjacent to yellow lines and not private land. This is the reason why you got a PEN. I assume by your comments about parking on the grass verge in evenings and weekends means it is a single yellow line with a sign nearby stating the hours of enforcement. If their is no sign nearby then the CEO cannot issue a PEN.
Kate Bennett
Thursday 17th January 2013 at 9:08 pm
Yes Stuart you are exactly right there. I wish you had told me last year! I don't think many people are aware of this at all. It was certainly a surprise to everyone we have told. However we know now so we have to abide by the codes however absurd they appear to us.
Tony Hughes
Friday 18th January 2013 at 11:19 pm
As a pushchair user I frequently get incensed by irresponsible and thoughtless parking. Cars are for the road. Pavements are not designed to carry traffic, moving or stationery. Today, in Oak Lane, I saw an elderly lady with a stick being escorted round a parked car, on a snowy, icy road. Also recently, on Chapel Lane, I saw a motobility scooter user having to dodge busy traffic because of a van blocking the path. What's to be done? The authorities don't have the time or resources so it's down to us to do something. Any ideas anyone?
Florence Collier
Saturday 19th January 2013 at 6:40 pm
@Tony Hughes, your comment prompted me to visit the Living Streets campaign website, see http://e-activist.com/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=1719&ea.campaign.id=14502