Transition Wilmslow explores future of cinema in Wilmslow

A local residents organisation who are keen to see a cinema return to the centre of Wilmslow have been exploring the options for making it happen.

Volunteers from Transition Town Wilmslow (TTW) undertook a survey of shoppers at the May Artisan Market day to find out if people were interested in having a cinema in the town centre.

Of the 40 people questioned 100% were in favour, with many of the residents remembering the days of the Rex Cinema, which is now a furniture store and a bar, with happy nostalgia.

Since the Rex's closure, Wilmslow residents need to travel to Parrs Wood, Macclesfield or Knutsford to see films in a true cinema environment.

Garry Gresham, Chair of TTW Cinema Group said "Members of TTW think it will help residents and businesses if we had more diverse entertainment in the town centre and this is reflected in our survey.

"Many people enjoy going to the cinema, but the need to travel can put them off because of time and money, plus, for some people, the multiplex experience is not always one they find pleasant or attractive."

Whilst latest release films and blockbusters are the biggest draw across all age groups for a trip to the cinema, the Transition Wilmslow survey showed there is also local interest in other types of film, including classics, and more independent art and foreign films.

TTW is also looking at potential cinema based events in the town, to entertain and inform.

Garry added "We are currently researching potential suitable venues to show films. We are looking for somewhere to provide the right level of comfort, and allow ticket prices to be low."

TTW already shows some films on environmental topics on an ad hoc basis at Wilmslow Library and they are looking into the possibility of holding a pedal powered cinema event. These events convert the power generated by a number of willing cycling volunteers into electricity to power a projector.

"It's a great way to demonstrate the energy needed to run our technologies these days", said Garry." The cyclists pedal away, but, if they flag, or jump off when they aren't supposed to, then the audience can see the effect it has on the film".

TTW has a small group at the moment looking into the cinema issue. If you are interested in an aspect of cinema, or maybe taking part in an event, or have ideas, contact Garry Gresham via the Transition Town Wilmslow website.

The next meeting, in June, plans to review the research data collected, and look at future cinema events and resources.

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Barry Stafford
Tuesday 29th May 2012 at 3:16 pm
Great idea, what's wrong with the Evans Theatre at the Leisure centre. Can't say it's fully used. Perhaps for Fri and Sat only. The cinema at Knutsford leisure works well.