Consultation on Wilmslow Vision extended


The public consultation for the Draft Wilmslow Vision has been extended for another month to enable as many local residents as possible have their say on the draft proposals.

Matthew Jackson, clerk of Wilmslow Town Council, said "The public consultation period given over to the Draft Wilmslow Vision Document has generated significant interest and discussion. Wilmslow Town Council is keen that the maximum number of residents have the opportunity to participate in the process in order to help shape the final document.

"It has therefore been decided that the public consultation period be extended and will now run until the end of May 2012."

Readers can download the draft Wilmslow Vision document which is attached here, along with a copy of frequently asked questions and the questionnaire.

Responses are to be returned by Thursday May 31st.

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Raymond Acton
Monday 23rd April 2012 at 3:55 pm
Good news but still a flawed process. Every household should have received information. Many people are still not aware it is happening.

Let us hope the supply of documents is adequate. Clearly, ordering 1000 for an adult population of 15000 plus was another error.

People should have been told clearly that questionnaires are one per individual and not one per household.

The questionnaire is at best naive and capable of producing any desired result.We should refuse to engage in ticking this or that area for housing and in defence of our Green Belt say NO to all the signified areas.
Manuel Golding
Tuesday 24th April 2012 at 11:08 am
I am in full agreement with Raymond Acton's comments above.
The whole process is flawed and questionable but nonetheless, all residents of Wilmslow must
return the questionnaire.
There is only one answer to each and every loaded question and that is NO, No, No....
And it is one questionnaire per person, irrespective of age. Our children should be encouraged to express their opinion on the Green Belt and Town Centre projects, after all it will be their town in a few years.
We are planning to bring together all the various pressure groups under one Wilmslow united umbrella, to fight the Green Belt and Town Centre projects. Unification will add strength to our defence of our town Wilmslow.
Stuart Kinsey
Tuesday 24th April 2012 at 11:41 am
I am delighted at the initiative being taken by Mr Golding and others in defence of the character of Wilmslow. A unified appraoch and avoidance of "not in my back yard" is most welcome. Can I urge everyone to consider key aspects of the Draft Wilmslow Vision about which to be concerned :
• The general assumption that to have a plan (which is required by Central Government) means to plan huge expansion of Wilmslow building stock
• Use of vague statements without supporting data
• Use of the term “Stakeholders” without identifying individual representatives of those groups (who may not live in the community or may have a vested financial interest in structural development of the area, or both).
• Lack of consideration of developments already planned in adjoining areas (e.g. Woodford)

Wilmslow can have a vision that:
• Encourages completion of sites where planning permission has already been granted
• Encourages use of currently empty offices and shops
• Takes into account Residential & commercial development already planned or available in adjoining areas
• Protects the ambience and character of Wilmslow by retaining green areas