Residents question Tatton election candidates

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Residents of Tatton came to the United Reformed Church in Wilmslow for the chance to hear our prospective MPs answer a range of questions.

Two hundred and thirty people attended the event on Tuesday, 18th June.

Andrew Backhouse, organiser said "Questions included what might be done about the increased number of children in school in poverty and food hunger, their attitude to the number of billionaires in the country, and what particular skill would any of them bring to a new government. One that drew much applause was "As our MP, how would you rebuild the trust of the people in this country and improve ethics and standards in public life?"

He added "We had to limit the number of questions because of the time constraints, but there was so much more to ask about, including divorce and abortion, gender identity, the national debt, and nuclear weapons – so it was obvious that residents of Wilmslow have plenty to be concerned about."

The Reform Party sent a spokesperson instead of their candidate.

The Chair of Churches Together in Wilmslow, Ian Small, said "Because the Reform Party send a spokesperson instead of their candidate, it made it difficult to judge whether it was worth voting for Reform, but Esther McVey, our recent Conservative MP, Ryan Jude from Labour, Jonathan Smith from the Liberal Democrats, and Nigel Hennerley from the Greens gave good accounts for themselves."

Photo: Residents gather for hustings.

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Laurie Atterbury
Thursday 20th June 2024 at 3:27 pm
Reform obviously aren't serious in Tatton.
Richard Mason
Friday 21st June 2024 at 10:31 am
I heard that some locals have been sent a letter from the Reform Party but funded by Esther McVey's office; urging people not to vote Reform but to vote for Esther! So not really surprising that the candidate can't be bothered to show up!
Vince Chadwick
Monday 24th June 2024 at 2:45 pm
Even Esther is preferable to Reform.

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