Teams complete fundraising challenge for local charity

Four days after receiving a great send off from Wilmslow on Sunday, 28th April, a team of six cyclists from Wilmslow and Alderley Edge successfully completed their challenge and reached Wells Cathedral on Wednesday afternoon.

Additionally, Ian Porter who left on Monday morning to do the challenge entirely using his bus pass made it to Wells at lunchtime on Thursday, 2nd May.

To coincide with the 40th anniversary of local charity 'Wilmslow Wells for Africa', the Wilmslow Wells Challenge has raised more than £13,700 so far, well above their original target of £10,000, to help provide clean water and sanitation for remote African communities.

Wilmslow Wells Chair David Cash, who completed the challenge on his bike, said "It was quite hard work cycling over 50 miles each day, especially when we had to get up an everlasting hill or a headwind was blowing into our faces (particularly on the last day!) but it was also a fantastic experience! We met many wonderful people along the way, many of whom contributed to the cause. We also saw some awesome scenery, much of it looking great as the new spring growth comes through.

"When we finally reached Wells, it was lovely to be given a warm reception by some of our supporters and members of the Cathedral. Obviously I am delighted that over 230 people have donated so far and it will be great if the figure continues to rise!"

Totally volunteer run, Wilmslow Wells has raised over £1.65 million over the last 40 years which has been invested in water or sanitation projects. As well as the enormous health benefits which flow from this, there are also great lifestyle improvements and education opportunities created because women and children no longer have to spend hours each day walking through (often dangerous) terrain in order to find water from a source which is frequently polluted.

Anyone wishing to donate to the Wilmslow wells Challenge can do so using the following link


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