Farmer shoots dog after his baby lambs were attacked and killed

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A dog has been shot by a farmer following an attack on his livestock.

A number of baby lambs were attacked and killed on land between Alderley Edge and Mottram St Andrew around midday on Saturday 20th April.

The incident is believed to have involved two dogs,

PC Jim Clark later confirmed "The dog owner has come forward and contacted the police, we have spoken and the matter will be investigated."

This latest incident follows an attack last week which occurred on the outskirts of Macclesfield and caused the death of a lamb which was pregnant with twins and injuries to another sheep.

A female from Knutsford pleaded guilty to being the person in charge of the dog.

PC Jim Clark said "If you are deemed to be in control of a dog then please ensure you have the strength to restrain the dog, a suitable lead or restraint method and if the inevitable occurs then the ability to be able to recall your dog."

He added "Regular followers of the team will see just how many attacks are being reported, sadly these are occurring on a frighteningly regular basis."


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