Unusual plot of land at The Carrs up for auction

An unusual plot of land at The Carrs will go up for auction next month with a guide price of £8,500.

The land, which is located on the south side of Bollin Hill, is listed on Rightmove and being promoted as an "excellent Space - Freehold for Events/Pop-Up in Centre of The Carrs Picnic area".

It is described as being an ideal plot for a possible commercial venture. However, it does not come with planning permission, so potential buyers would have to make their owns enquiries in respect of planning as well as any other consents or rights over the land.

This small plot, which is 0.005 acres and accessed via cliff Road, is available freehold and advertised as offering "an opportunity for a business to create a refreshment pit-stop as a pitch or permanent area serving visitors to The Carrs picnic area, Wilmslow."

The land is currently unused, is being sold by London based Asset Invest.

Fraser Karlsen, owner of the company, spent yesterday (Wednesday 21st February) in Wilmslow dropping flyers off at local restaurants in a bid to generate interest. 

Speaking about why he is selling the land, he told me "Asset Invest own over 2,300 titles throughout the UK of which when our consultants/surveyors get onto the respective title/file we decide the best process of retain or sell.

"This parcel may benefit the area better from a host of possibilities. Such as your article in the summer, pop up something maybe?"



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Richard Mason
Monday 26th February 2024 at 11:20 am
"Unusual" is certainly one way of describing it!
The advert suggests that there is access from Cliff Road - only if you are on foot and walk through the car park and into the picnic area, so no good for any deliveries. It also implies that there is a designated parking place in the car park - surely not, I can't imagine that the council have approved that. There's no actual permission to put a coffee shop / refreshment stall there and no access to electricity or water, plus there is an established coffee stall by the playground. Not sure why anyone would pay upwards of £8k for a bit of grass that you can't do anything with!
Emma Norbury
Monday 26th February 2024 at 4:12 pm
Richard. It looks like an excellent little venture/plot if not unusual maybe. As pop up kiosks/event spaces are everywhere. It states permissions need to be applied for however who is to say either way? The Cafe there is actually in a building with NO planning permissions that was designated a WC/Toilet... Times have moved on such as solar power, small kiosks better option than all the coffee shops.. The Auction Co sent me further info, quite novel use/plot in my opinion... Where do they state it comes with parking? I think they are referencing The Carrs carpark by Wilmslow Parish hall? Like I said, an excellent venture /opportunity for any business long term or short term as a welcomed addition to events such as last years outdoor Cinema/Park Run to supply refreshments for friends and families visiting there. I don't see this anything other than positive.
Richard Mason
Tuesday 27th February 2024 at 10:36 am
Fair points actually - maybe I'm just used to the more traditional cafe's ;-) Solar would be great in that position but lack of water could pose a problem.
Surely the Coffee place by the playground has some form of business approval to trade there?
Re the parking - the Rightmove ad states "... and parking in The Carrs designated"
Matthew Fowler
Tuesday 27th February 2024 at 2:50 pm
The location is covered with TPO'ed trees so I doubt there will be much solar..!

All the practical issues (power, water, deliveries, licence to trade, trees) are for the potential buyers to assess and conclude on.

I am slightly concerned that it will add to littering in an already highly littered area.

It would also likely become a congregation point in the evening and we might get more antisocial behaviour - reference the fire that took place in this location:

Simon Atkins
Wednesday 28th February 2024 at 1:57 pm
How have I never noticed this? I use the park most days and if I've not noticed it, it can't be a good venture to sell anything from. Maybe useful as a bird hide?
Simon Worthington
Thursday 29th February 2024 at 1:27 pm
How did a small freehold piece of land in a “park” donated to the people of Wilmslow fall into greedy corporate hands?
Emma Norbury
Friday 1st March 2024 at 4:12 pm
Matthew, the Trees you mention on are under strict management plans on Bollin Hill that is not here, it is on Bolling Road behind The Carrs. The tree survey I had done/Auction House states the shrubs are common shrubs, saplings on the plot and surrounding, so not to worry as I was initially concerned.

Could maybe useful as a bird hide or alternative.. could be any number of things.. Solar it's S/W facing so great for power/storing power no noise and sustainable...

It was the rest of Park that was donated by Henry Boddington as he passed away unfortunately prior to concluding the gift. His wife continued in his honour gifting (small fee £62.50) to Cheshire East. That is why The Carrs known as 'the lung' of Wilmslow even exists...

Shows actually some very philosophical thinking even back then... More of society could do with a leaf out of their book...
Roger Thawley
Monday 25th March 2024 at 12:23 pm
The plot sits in the corner of what was Carrs Silk Mill, later becoming Wilmslow Laundry ...and a managers cottage which occupied the site. A track from Cliff Road, running behind what is now the church hall, provided access ...the track is still there and a right of access likely still exists, even if the area behind the church hall would have to be cleared.
Provision of electricity, water and drainage wouldn't be challenging.
Of course, use of the site would clearly be a matter for the planning folks.
Richard Mason
Tuesday 26th March 2024 at 11:15 am
I wondered if that track behind the hall was still there. Interestingly the particulars that Auction House showed online indicated that vehicular access was across the Carrs car park and into the park, then down the track and accross the picnic area - which it obviously isn't.
I'm sure the purchaser has got a plan and looking forwards to seeing what they do with it.

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