Wilmslow pub bans under 21s on Friday and Saturdays


A Wilmslow pub has announced that under 21's will not be permitted in the pub after 9pm, every Friday and Saturday.

Anthology has introduced the new policy having seen a huge influx of under 21s since Revolution on Alderley Road closed its doors at the beginning of the year.

A spokesperson for Anthology said "This decision has not been taken lightly and will be reviewed over time.

"We've never had a problem serving under 21's, but since Revs has closed, we've had a huge influx of people under 21, with numbers increasing every week.

"Unfortunately, this has brought a number of under 21's smuggling their own alcohol in, sneaking their underage friends in and buying them drinks, (after these friends have been refused service at the bar and asked to leave due to no ID), and at times giving their underage friends their own ID so they can drink in the pub.

"There's also a total lack of respect for other customers and our staff, which we will not tolerate.

"With regards to the comment made about the musicians - believe me, the musician we had playing last Friday night would of preferred not to of been playing at all!

"We'd like to be clear - this is not all of our under 21 customers, but a large bulk of the influx we have received since Rev's has closed.

"We apologise for any upset this may have caused, but we have to think about our license."



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Martin Burlin
Tuesday 20th February 2024 at 3:02 pm
And quite right too.
David Smith
Tuesday 20th February 2024 at 3:52 pm
Strange really.
I used to enjoy this pub before it changed.
Probably because the atmosphere/ambience wasn't 'youngsters' and I fitted in with the mostly older clientele who appreciated a gentle setting with a decent range of beers/wine plus more than half-decent grub at an acceptable price.
Seems like the new operators have realised 'we' are at the more preferable end of the spectrum of desirable customers.

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