2023 Election Results: Clean sweep for Residents of Wilmslow


With elections having taken place on Thursday, 4th May, for all Borough, Town, Parish and Community Councils in Cheshire East, the counts for Wilmslow are now in.

A total of five seats were up for grabs on Cheshire East Council representing Wilmslow.

The Resident of Wilmslow candidate Lata Anderson has retained her seat in Dean Row and David Jefferay has been re-elected in Wilmslow East.

Residents of Wilmslow have taken both seats on the Wilmslow West and Chorley Ward. Mark Goldsmith has also retained his seat and he is joined by Michael Gorman who has lived happily in Wilmslow for over 25 years.

Whilst in Wilmslow Lacey Green Don Stockton, the only current Conservative borough councillor, has lost his seat to Chris Hilliard.

The results are:

Wilmslow Lacey Green Ward - represented by 1 councillor.

  • Hilliard Chris - Residents of Wilmslow - 591 votes, 47.55% share
  • James Robin - Liberal Democrats - 177 votes, 14.24% share
  • Stockton Don - The Conservative Party Candidate - 475 votes, 38.21% share

Turnout = 32.09%
Rejected ballots = 5

Wilmslow Dean Row - represented by 1 councillor.

  • Illingworth, Jack - The Conservative Party Candidate - 481 votes, 36.5% share
  • Anderson, Lata - Residents of Wilmslow  - 703 votes, 53.5% share
  • Walker, Olivia - Liberal Democrats - 132 votes, 10% share

Turnout = 32.46%
Rejected ballots = 2

Wilmslow West and Chorley Ward - represented by 2 councillors.

  • Anderson Michelle - Green Party - 539 votes, 9.48% share
  • Estill Barry - Conservative Party Candidate - 977 votes, 17.18% share
  • Goldsmith Mark - Residents of Wilmslow - 1560 votes, 27.44% share
  • Gorman Michael - Residents of Wilmslow - 1457 votes, 25.62% share
  • Sarwar Hannan - Conservative Party Candidate - 787 votes, 13.84% share
  • Wilson Gareth - Liberal Democrats - 366 votes, 6.44% share

Turnout = 37.42%
Rejected ballots = 11

Wilmslow East Ward - represented by 1 councillor.

  • Duckworth, John - The Conservative Party Candidate - 383 votes, 29.46% share
  • Jefferay, David - Residents of Wilmslow - 832 votes, 64% share
  • Murphy, Sarah - Liberal Democrats - 85 votes, 6.54% share

Turnout = 39.93%
Rejected ballots = 12




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Nick Jones
Friday 5th May 2023 at 5:06 pm
Party Politics has no place in local matters, particularly when measured against individuals who actually care, and can rise above the unnecessary personal attacks of this campaign. Will the 'stone -throwers' learn lessons and change ? show some humility and non party engagement ?, or will the arrogance and disconnect continue? Time will tell, but the public are not fools... Well done Residents of Wilmslow.
Pete Taylor
Friday 5th May 2023 at 5:39 pm
Well done to all Residents of Wilmslow, you have worked hard and really deserve this.
Jon Williams
Friday 5th May 2023 at 7:28 pm
Well do to the The Conservative Party
Alan Brough
Saturday 6th May 2023 at 3:55 am
Well done to Residents of Wilmslow - a clear and resounding endorsement of the work already done in bringing improvement to the town.
Terence Burgess
Sunday 7th May 2023 at 7:40 am
Congratulations to all the ROW Councillors.
Well deserved.
Jonathan Follows
Sunday 7th May 2023 at 11:19 am
Well done, and well deserved, in the context of what we had to put up with until 2019.