Police in Wilmslow to take part in Anti-Social Behaviour Awareness Week

Officers across Cheshire Constabulary are taking part in a series of activities to mark Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Awareness Week.

From today (Monday, 18th July to 22nd July, the week, organised by community safety specialists Resolve, will see each Local Policing Unit (LPU) take part in a series of activities to tackle and address ASB.

All nine Local Policing Units across the county will be getting involved from talking to school children to upping patrols in highlighted ASB hotspot areas.

In Wilmslow, local officers will continue to tackle ant-social behaviour and will be working together with West Midlands Police in a joint effort to tackle dangerous driving which has become a growing issue in Macclesfield and across Cheshire.

There will also be visits to local schools by officers to educate children of the dangers of anti-social behaviour and what it can lead to.

PCSO Hails said “Anti-Social Awareness Week isn't the only time of year we deal with Anti-Social Behaviour, with 7 ASB alerts sent home to parents in Wilmslow last week.
ASB alerts are our way of informing parents of their child's behaviour while keeping a log to tackle the pattern.”

Across Cheshire, PCSOs will be working with local businesses and conducting Residents Voice Surveys with members of the local community.

Superintendent Gary Smith, the Constabulary's lead for Anti-Social Behaviour Awareness week, said: "ASB brings misery to the communities we work day in and out to protect and its important that we work together with partners to educate and effectively deal with this behaviour.

"It's important for us to hear from those who may be affected by ASB, so that we can appropriately deter and disrupt this behaviour while signposting where to seek the best possible support.

"ASB can include things such as graffiti, littering and off-road motorcycles within the community and these disruptive activities create an environment where more serious crime can take place.

"Some of this behaviour may not seem all that serious to many people, but we know first hand the detrimental impact it has to neighbourhoods, and I hope this week will show how we are all working together drive down the levels of ASB.

"I would like to continue to urge anyone who feels that they are or have been a victim of ASB to get in touch with Cheshire Constabulary by calling 101 or reporting it via https://www.cheshire.police.uk/ro/report/asb/asb/report-antisocial-behaviour/"



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Pete Taylor
Tuesday 19th July 2022 at 7:52 am
Why is this being organised by “Resolve” a private company?

Another weekend of illegal racing on the bypass and, as far as I can tell, no improvement in this particular “ASB” over the last two years, despite the usual puff and blow from our ineffective PCC.
No average speed monitors, no noise meters and cars driving around the place without front number plates.
Stuart Redgard
Thursday 21st July 2022 at 8:38 pm
# Pete
I attended the Town Council meeting on Monday 19 July where an update on the A34 issues was given by a CEC Councillor. All I can say is that there is movement relating to speed monitoring and noise cameras.

And with regards to illegal racing on the bypass, I can confirm that on Saturday 10 July, I personally witnessed a procession of the "boy racers", drive through the centre of Wilmslow for circa 10 minutes. Possibly more than 50 cars. They were accompanied by four police cars and a helicopter.

My opinion is that things are happening, but not what you want or at the "speed" you want.
Wendy Falk
Sunday 31st July 2022 at 1:44 pm
...working together with West Midlands Police in a joint effort to tackle dangerous driving which has become a growing issue in Macclesfield and across Cheshire.

I'm sorry, but these authorities seem to only be working 9-5 from the motorbikes and cars I can here racing around all long Wilmslow roads in the very early evenings (7pm sometimes!).

It's a long-standing, nationally-known joke now that Wilmslow is a free-for-all, no-risk 'race track' for anyone in/on their high performance vehicles. Great place to race each other or just see how fast their vehicles will go, without any fear of being caught.

I heard that one woman actually complained to some on duty police constables at the new M&S petrol station (at Amazon) that there were people gathered at one of these car meets at the Ashley junction of the Airport Tunnels... their reply "not our jurisdiction"! Seriously?!? It's a Police Force, a national responsibility!!!
If I filmed myself driving 80mph, showing the speedo and uploaded it onto YouTube I would charged with dangerous driving, get points on my licence, etc!

What's the difference capturing real-time footage of those on A34 and in those Airport Tunnels and prosecuting them? Why is it taking soooooo long to set up something similar to the hand-held speed gun so the evidence is being captured NOW? Surely, when variable speed limits cameras start to be installed (roads coned, workmen, weeks and weeks of works) that will just have the effect of moving this problem to another area!!! These people need prosecuting, to be taught a lesson, made to repair the roundabouts they are wrecking, even made to visit victims of road traffic accidents by other boy racers, but ultimately STOPPING.

But, sadly, to do that there needs to be Bobbies on the ground at sporadic times of the day, not just 9-5pm!

Please, Cheshire Police, please stop targeting the odd motorist who generally drives sensibly but may go over the limit slightly and get to serious grips with those seriously putting innocent lives at risk, who blatantly flout the law (oh, and constantly flattening our roundabout signs!). A few battery-operated monitoring cameras on the roundabouts would at least allow evidence to be collected and fines could be distributed so that CEC (i.e. the tax payers) didn’t always foot the bill for repairs.

I live on Moor Lane, so I’m quite far away from the A34, but I can still hear the speeds that these drivers are travelling by the sounds of their engines obviously being driven to the limit. It sounds like an XBox racing game being played all evening in the next room when the windows are open in hot weather!

I feel so sorry for anyone who lives around the A34 it must be driving you mad!

I was caught up with some of these boy racers one Sunday night, after a 70 mile journey home and it really was quite terrifying... There was light traffic one minute, then these cars appeared from nowhere, weaving in and out of the cars in the Airport Tunnels at terrific speeds, causing me to brake hard periodically, as they squeezed in or tried over-taking at the last minute. It was scary and I’m a confident driver.

I’ve also been on the A34 in the evening and had two boy racers in high-performance cars, racing each other down Pendleton Way, nearly going off the road because of not taking the curve of the road properly due to such high speed, only to go around the roundabout and zoom back up to do a repeat performance!!!

When is it going to stop? When there's a fatality? It's been going on for years now and seems to me to be just growing in popularity... and why not, there's absolutely NOTHING to stop them... EVER!

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