Toiletry bank helps kids celebrate Father's Day

Fathers Day Pack

Local charity Bare Necessities Toiletry Bank have, for the second year running,
produced a dedicated Father's Day pack.

Following on from their popular Mother's Day pamper pack campaign where 175 kits were given out, 140 of men's packs were made up and given to some of their youth charities helping children celebrate their parents.

Wendy Hobson, Chair of Bare Necessities, said "Hygiene poverty can take away so much from both adults and children
and it's important that kids can make their dad feel special on his day.

"None of these packs could have been made up without public contributions, so thank you. Whilst we do get less men's products donated there is a need all year round, so please think of buying an extra toiletry in your weekly shop and dropping it off into our donation boxes, box locations can be found on the website. "

Alternatively, you can donate online via the website


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