Wilmslow prepares to bloom for RHS judges

The Wilmslow In Bloom team, like many local residents, has not only been enjoying but has actively contributed to the celebrations of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

In preparation for a tenth year of RHS assessment on July 4th, the team has been around the town encouraging businesses to make a planter or hanging basket to help decorate the town ahead of the judges visit, and they have been thrilled to see the number of floral tributes that help make Wilmslow look both cheerful and festive.

The outgoing Chair of In Bloom, Ruth Menlove observed "The In Bloom team has contributed to the development of neglected sites in and around the town and in one on-going project has focussed on the pedestrian route from the railway station, past the Leisure Centre to Wilmslow's shopping centre. Groups managed the overhaul of the carters pond by the cricket pitch and planted the beds around the Leisure Centre with edible fruit and vegetables.

"This year, with the collaboration of the tenants of the Old Stables building, the team has planted three newly built , south facing raised beds with red, white and blue flowering plants. The brick planters were constructed by the tenants, who enthusiastically endorsed the activities of Wilmslow In Bloom."

Businesses on Chapel Lane have continued to use planters and hanging baskets to dress their premises and to enhance appeal whilst several businesses in the town centre have contributed to the general improved appearance of the town by adding floral displays.

Sue Worthington, Chair of In Bloom, said "Please could we appeal to more businesses to add to the displays already established. Many businesses in past years have helped make Wilmslow even more and we have high hopes that their contributions will continue."

Wilmslow in Bloom

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