Revising plans for new housing scheme at Little Stanneylands

Revised plans have been submitted by Jones Homes for a new housing development at Little Stanneylands.

The new scheme is for the demolition of existing buildings and replacement with eight dwellings along with garages, 16 parking spaces, gardens, access and landscaping.

The proposed development comprises of two 3 bedroom homes, three 4 bedroom and three 5 bedroom family homes with an area of open green space towards the front of the development.

There are currently five existing buildings on site, comprising three single storey stable buildings, a small stable block and a large two-storey barn with mezzanine floor which was used for storage.

Previous plans to build ten homes (ref. 20/4737M) on a one hectare located immediately south of the large residential development which currently under construction. were refused the Northern Planning Committee, against the recommendation of the Planning Officer, in February 2022.

The previous scheme was refused because the proximity, location and height of three of the closest homes would cause harm to the significance of the group of listed buildings adjacent. There are three listed buildings to the west and south of the site. This includes Little Stanneylands, the Barn and Rose Cottage - all of which were grade II listed in 1984.

Plans can be viewed on the Cheshire East Council website by searching for planning reference 22/1567M.

Little Stanneylands, Planning Applications


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Steph Sankey
Monday 16th May 2022 at 2:42 pm
Such a shame to be knocking down the lovely buildings which are already there. Also, on the plan of the proposed new houses, all their gardens are facing East or North.. why? Most home owners enjoy afternoon and evening sun to entertain/bbq. Make them south facing!!!
Jon Newell
Wednesday 18th May 2022 at 6:11 am
When thinking about Little Stanneylands, people need to take into account that there are two separate planning applications.

The application referred to in this article is to build 8 dwellings on the site of the stable buildings which lie to the west of the listed buildings. These former stables are not listed and were built in the recent past. The external paint job makes them look at lot left than they are.
This is the second application for this site. The first, for 10 dwellings, was rejected by Cheshire East Northern Planning Committee, primarily because of the impact on the listed heritage assets on the adjoining site. It looks as though the changes in this latest application are designed to address the concerns of the NPC.

The other application to be taken into account is to convert the listed buildings - which were previously homes of the owners’ and key stable staff - into approximately 10 homes. All the existing buildings will be retained - subject to extensive internal remodelling - and some new buildings will be introduced. Amongst other issues, this application will create an extra entrance point off Styal Road.
There have been many objections to this application but no planning decision has yet being made.

In my opinion the two applications should be joined together. If the two applicants instructed a proficient architect, I believe they could come up with a single scheme which preserves the heritage assets and is compliant with the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan. It will not have as many dwellings as are proposed in the two separate applications.
Nigel Halford
Wednesday 18th May 2022 at 5:34 pm

No Matter how many times the owner of this land tries to amend the numerous applications for development the fundamentals remain the same. The destruction of the small amount of natural environment left after the previous sale of 40 acres of green belt for the building of 174 houses by David Wilson homes. A project which had significant impact on the local environment and previously tranquil location.

It is clear that at conception it was decided to split this development into 3 parts to maximize the financial Gains irrespective of the impact on the local community and the Heritage of the area which belongs to all.

The 174 David Wilson homes project the redevelopment of the existing historical dwellings at Little Stanneylands and again now 8 houses to be built on the remaining patch of natural land left.

The Jones Homes catalogue for this development goes into all manner of philosophical descriptions of how these houses will blend in and compliment the character of the Historical buildings and land. What a load of smoke and mirrors mystical rubbish. This is a project to maximize profit with houses now I imagine in the Million plus price range. Ripping down ancient trees and habitat to be replaced by tarmac and concrete with a scattering of garden Centre plants.

This project brings nothing to the area as we have seen with the David Wilson project not one pound of additional revenue gained by the council has been spent on Stanneylands road or Stanneylands Drive where infrastructure issues are just ignored by the council .

The road has become a drag circuit for all the high powered Range Rovers, BMW’s and other performance cars now residing on DWH estate. Far from slowing traffic the road layout has created a high speed stretch with a pinch point strangely outside the Historic site where they propose to now add an entry point in addition to the one for the proposed 8 Houses! Thereby having 3 access points to Stanneylands road within a 300 meters stretch.

Great for the new residents of the Heritage buildings already being redeveloped before any approval has been given that I am aware of. Yet for the rest of us we get to lose more trees from our street view and a further cluttered road network of junctions and hazards.

I totally object to this projects.
Roger Bagguley
Wednesday 18th May 2022 at 7:07 pm
Nigel: Please post your objections on the CEC Planning Portal.
Nigel Halford
Wednesday 18th May 2022 at 8:18 pm
Roger, CEC planning was my first port of call. We just need the public to realize what is taking place and do the same. Regards.
Simon Rodrigues
Thursday 19th May 2022 at 7:52 am
Nigel Halford, I totally agree with what you say.

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