Action taken to help solve speeding and anti-social behaviour on A34


Following a public meeting held in September 2021 by the Police and Crime Commissioner, to discuss speeding and anti-social behaviour (ASB) issues on the A34 in Wilmslow and Alderley Edge, John Dwyer has provided an update on some actions that have recently been taken by Cheshire Police.

Mr Dwyer said "As promised, Inspector Steve Griffiths has been in communication with Kensington and Chelsea Council to discuss the outcome of their trial of acoustic cameras. This trial was successful and the Council there is looking to install more cameras. Their scheme works through a partnership between the police and the Council whereby drivers whose vehicles are identified as breaching a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) – led by the Council – are fined after being picked up by the acoustic cameras.

"A Kensington and Chelsea Council officer involved in leading their scheme has offered to visit the affected area of the A34 and provide his expert opinion on whether the above solution could also work here. Inspector Griffiths has also contacted Cheshire East Council's highways team to advise them of the potential solution and to open up that line of communication."

The Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire added "Further to the above, trees have been planted on the A34 which should have the desired effect of dampening road noise. The Constabulary has also purchased more noise monitoring equipment and stepped up enforcement along affected areas of the A34.

"I trust this reassures you about the action being taken on the issues that residents have raised."

As many residents will be aware there was another illegal car meet, involving approximately 70 vehicles, on the A34 on Saturday, 22nd January. Police attended the incident by the Ford roundabout at 8:43pm and I am currently waiting for information from them regarding the action taken and whether there were any arrests.



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Matthew Hodgson
Tuesday 25th January 2022 at 1:49 pm
This is good progress. I regularly hear these 'meets' and went down on Saturday the 22nd to see what was going on as the noise was horrendous (I live in Wilmslow Park). I was completely staggered to see so many cars congregating outside Wimslow High School and outside the Ford Garage and those screaming up and down this stretch of the bypass. I was equally staggered to see both bridges over this section of the A34 completely lined with teenagers who'd clearly turned up to witness this sad spectacle - clearly a social media organised 'meet'. Someone (and probably not any of the lunatics in these ridiculous souped-up and illegal cars) will be killed in due course and hopefully then some serious action will be taken to prevent 'cruising' in this area. Surely a speed camera on both sides would stop a lot of it as it's clearly all about how fast they can tear up and down this straight section of road, drag racing?
William White
Wednesday 26th January 2022 at 8:05 am
So there was a meeting 4 months ago. A pity they don't react as speedily as these menaces then. "Action has been taken?" Not judging by reports from the weekend.

The moment theres reports of a meet the police need to get down with stingers. They should also seize any cars not displaying proper number plates. There are a lot around with their plates spaced incorrectly or a front plate missing.

Don't waste money on acustic cameras. Thats just an admission that we can't stop them so lets mitigate the affects.
Simon Atkins
Wednesday 26th January 2022 at 2:16 pm
This is nonsense. The theory is this: loud noises from motor vehicles be it cars or bikes means they are going fast so fine them and put points on their licence. However electric cars which can accelerate even faster and still have the same probability of killing someone are quieter and will thus not be caught.
Simon Worthington
Wednesday 26th January 2022 at 2:41 pm
Antisocial behaviour!! Disturbing a quiet Pimms of a summer Sunday afternoon you mean. Nearly as emotive click bait as the DM!
Manuel Golding
Wednesday 26th January 2022 at 3:49 pm
Simon Atkins is writing like an uneducated road user. Any child will tell him that \"ca/exhaust noise\" has no relationship to actual speed, that excessive childish exhaust noise can be made from a stationary vehicle by simply depressing exelarator with gears in neutral. However, the excessive noise along the A34 by pass over the past weekend was created by heavy accelerations, to give the drivers some feeling of male pleasure. Many thanks to PCC John Dwyer for acting upon the many concerns over the excessive car noises that are both envirnmentally damaging to quality of good air along the by-pass and noise intrusion to the neighbourhood. The police involvement is most welcome but what are they prepared to do about the polluters? How will the be educated to the problems they are causing? How can they be meaninfully be persuaded to desist or even growup?
Probaqbly enforcing attendance on motoring awareness programmes; points on driving licences for polluting & failure to attend should be subject to \"public\" services (road cleaning, litter clear-up
I hope I\'m not being too harsh but the neighbourhood has endured continuous & repeated high level of this anti-social behaviour for the past 2 years or more every weekend. Now is the time to ensure it ceases.
May I suggest a visit,under police supervision, for at least 5 consecutive Saturdays or Sundays, for the offending drivers at Oulton Park racetrack with an examination at end? Only a positive (yes) examination paper will allow drivers to avoid a second 5 week session. The compulsory course must be at a cost to those required to attend (police time cost, driving a road craft instructions & Oulton Park\'s supervisory costs etc).
Erik Garner
Wednesday 26th January 2022 at 6:02 pm
It’s a pity they don’t act with such a swift response to sorting out the flooding on the A34 never mind a few prats playing boy racers.
Get your priorities right!