Alchemy Personal Training launches Fit for Life 6-week Transformation Programme

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Wilmslow, United Kingdom - Much has been written about the link between mental and physical health. Numerous studies have shown that people with poor mental health are more at risk of chronic physical conditions. Meanwhile, the importance of exercise and physical activity is greatly underestimated.

Alchemy Personal Training has recently launched a new initiative: the Fit for Life 6 week Transformation programme. The new programme provides clients with a bespoke eating and training routine to help them lose weight and drop body fat safely and permanently in just 6 weeks.

The Personal Training Studio, founded by master trainer Rufus Bradshaw, is regarded as the home of some of the UK's best trainers and provides a slew of services designed for every type of client. Alchemy Personal Training says they cater to a wide range of people, "from mums, business men and women, people getting over injuries or illnesses, sports people, brides and grooms to be, and anyone who wants to prioritise their health."

There are different reasons a person may use a personal trainer. Rufus from Alchemy PT says it's usually a resolution for a better life, "a recurring theme is definitely changing body shape. This is often accompanied by weight loss and a commitment to a healthier and cleaner lifestyle."

This change in lifestyle can be beneficial in more ways than just the physical. Studies show that exercise improves mental health with results showing reduced anxiety and depression, and improves a person's confidence and cognitive function.

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to be the best version of yourself, both physically and mentally, consider signing up for Alchemy Personal Training's Fit for Life Transformation Programme. Have boundless energy to do things you love while investing in your wellbeing. The programme has been proven by hundreds of people over the last twenty years as successful and worthwhile, not to mention the motivation and support Alchemy Personal Training is here to give you.

If you're interested in joining the Fit for Life 6 Week challenge, visit Alchemy PT's website and sign up to start your journey. After filling out the form, a health and well-being assessment awaits. Discuss your goals and find the workout and diet plan that works for you. This tried and tested body transformation programme includes a 24/7 communication link to your designated Alchemy PT trainer.

If you commit to the 6 Week Transformation Programme this January 2022 you will be offered a discounted rate of £999 from the original £1746.50 RRP. Slots are limited.

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