Arrangements will differ for this year's Remembrance Sunday in Wilmslow

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Remembrance Sunday arrangements in Wilmslow this year will see the service in the Memorial Garden starting at around 10.50am on Sunday 14th November.

All those wishing to attend the Memorial Garden service should gather at around 10.40am. The service will be slightly extended to that of previous years and will include the two-minute silence followed by the laying of the wreaths, in addition to prayers, readings, hymns, and the National Anthem. The service will conclude at approximately 11.10am.

Unlike in many previous years when the service in the Memorial Garden was proceeded by a parade and the service at St Bartolomew's Church, those participating this year are asked to go directly to the Memorial Garden. Although there will be a service inside St Bartholomew's Church afterwards,
numbers are strictly limited and any organisations in attendance are asked to only consider sending a representative. It is anticipated that a parade will be reintroduced into the timetable in 2022.

Members of the public observing and those directly participating in the Memorial Garden service are asked to maintain usual social distancing protocols.

Wilmslow Town Council Chairman, Martin Watkins said, "Whilst the Remembrance Sunday arrangements will be different to previous, pre-pandemic, years, we hope that the extended service at the Memorial Garden will unite the local community and allow them to remember the service and sacrifice of all those that have defended our freedoms and protected our way of life."

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