Police drive to improve safety on A34

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Police and partners joined forces in Wilmslow as part of continued efforts to improve safety on the A34.

More than 100 drivers, pedestrians and children were spoken to as part of the 'Driver Engagement Day' on Thursday 2nd September.

The day, which is part of Operation Topnotch, saw police officers working alongside Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service to talk to and educate drivers following reports of anti-social driving and an increase in the number of fatal and serious collisions on the A34 in Handforth Dean.

More than 40 vehicles were stopped by police for a variety of reasons including using a mobile phone while driving, not having proper control of a vehicle, having defective tyres and excessive tints on windows, lights and number plates.

Chief Constable Mark Roberts also attended the event to see the work being done as part of a wider operation to make the roads around Wilmslow safer for all road users after listening to the public.

Sergeant James Bell said: "This day was a great success and was set up to educate drivers about the consequences of their habits when driving and encourage best practice.

"We offered the drivers the chance to speak with us to change the way they drive making the roads safer for our communities.

"The day is part of a much larger operation aimed at improving the safety of our roads and is a culmination of talks with the local authority, which along with highways, have been discussing everything from installing cat's eyes, re-marking, cutting back vegetation and most importantly – reviewing the speed on the road.

"Another part of this wider project will see 420 trees being planted along the road, where space allows, combating the sound that the surrounding villages and towns suffer from due to the increased traffic on this road.

"I hope that this operation shows that we are committed in making roads safer for everyone and we will continue to work with our local partners in order to make a difference to Cheshire's road network."

Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, John Dwyer, said: "I've heard from numerous residents about the issues they're facing on the A34.

"On the 23 September I'm holding a public meeting to discuss the issues and how we can move forward.

"Saying that, seeing the action the Constabulary has taken shows that we don't tolerate this sort of behaviour on Cheshire's roads."

Station Manager Andy Gray, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service's Road Safety Manager said: "It has been great to be out with officers to help educate and provide advice to road users on the dangers of the road.

"These events allow us to get our message to those motorists who may not be thinking about the consequences of their actions on the road and help them make changes to ensure we protect not only themselves, but others from harm."



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Paul Rowlands
Monday 6th September 2021 at 9:47 pm
While I think this is a great initiative, please give some thought to the A555. The Hanforth to Bramhall section is a racetrack/ I live in Woodford, and a lot f high performance motors are coming off the A555, turning around at the garden centre roundabout, then caning it back. Only a matter of time until someone dies.
David Smith
Tuesday 7th September 2021 at 12:23 am
Thanks for the information Paul. It's up your end too then? After you they must come down towards Wilmslow and annoy us. Tell me Paul, from what you have regularly observed, are they mostly cars or are some of them bikes too?
Pete Taylor
Tuesday 7th September 2021 at 5:55 am
Perhaps it might be more useful if Mark Roberts were to visit anywhere along the A34 on a weekend; having a load of officers standing around in a car park on a Thursday is surely a waste of time.

I wonder if any of the pedestrians or children “spoken to” were able to come up with suggestions?

The PCC’s little meeting in the Parish Hall is hardly likely to give him a feeling for how many people’s lives are blighted by this issue; perhaps he should have hired a PA system and used the whole of The Carrs he would have realised the scale of the problem.
Bill Bennett
Thursday 9th September 2021 at 7:18 am
I live backing on to the A34, I would suggest the police monitor weekends, as Sunday in particular is a real problem. There are motorcycles and cars travelling at 100+ between the Handforth Dean roundabout and the Ford Garage roundabout. The road noise comes from the harsh tarmac, if the surface was smooth, it would reduce the noise considerably. Illegal exhausts on motorcycles are also a problem.

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