Dispersal order to tackle anti-social behaviour in Wilmslow town centre

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A dispersal order has been introduced for Wilmslow town centre this weekend to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour.

The order was put in place from 5pm on Friday, 6th August until 5pm on Sunday, 8th August.

A police spokesperson said "Anyone in breach may be instructed to leave the area defined by the attached map, facing arrest if they return within the specified times."



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David Smith
Wednesday 11th August 2021 at 5:13 pm
Well.... I am reading this topic on Wednesday 11th August 2021 having just received my Wilmslow.co.uk email sent to me on Wednesday, 11 August 2021 at 15:55hrs! So what on earth is the point of thereby telling me of an event that took place a few days ago as though it was going to happen IN THE FUTURE?
The date of this article [see above] is Saturday 7th August 2021, which is just about half way through the proposed dispersal order of Friday, 6th August until 5pm on Sunday, 8th August.
Lately Wilmslow.co.uk has been repeating postings on exactly the same topic in the same email.
Some sort of gremlin seems to have invaded the software and done something.
This police Dispersal Order thing is all news to me. So how about a bit of an explanation by someone as to the what/how/why/when etc. of what it’s all about?
The ‘someone’ can be ALL of our councillors, our local Police CHIEF - you know the officer with the most pips/crowns or whatever on his uniform and anyone else who understands what it is for?
Has it anything to do with Covid - in which case we should have had one ages ago. Are we expecting hoards of naked residents/visitors running around out of their minds on alcohol/drugs? Or has someone got wind of a proposed new way to celebrate school exam results?
Any more of these events planned for the past that might be slightly nearer the present?
How about making them permanent and every evening?
PS: Any chance of doing something similar for the lottery and telling us the winning numbers a few days before the actual draw? Well, at least just me and nobody else!
Lisa Reeves
Wednesday 11th August 2021 at 5:40 pm
David - I am sorry not to have met the level of service you expect from wilmslow.co.uk.

Please feel free to cancel your subscription payment and I will unsubscribe you from the website/newsletter.

The email you are referring to is the FREE weekly newsletter that is sent out to subscribers. It contains all the articles published during the week, as a summary, and is automated.

As you know, from being a regular reader of wilmslow.co.uk, I am publishing news articles and features on a daily basis.

The reason this article was published on the Saturday is because I only knew about the dispersal order from a tweet the police posted which I did not read until Saturday as I was on holiday with my family last weekend and unfortunately my husband and two daughters were all ill so I was rather busy looking after them.

The reason the weekly newsletter often contains articles on the same topics is because it is a summary of all the articles published during the week and often there is an update, particularly where a crime or accident has occurred.

Here's some more information regarding dispersal orders from the Cheshire Police website - https://www.cheshire.police.uk/police-forces/cheshire-constabulary/areas/cheshire/about-us/about-us/transparency-openness-and-legitimacy/dispersals/
Stuart Redgard
Wednesday 11th August 2021 at 8:56 pm
David Smith

"What on earth is the point of" your comment?
Laurie Atterbury
Sunday 15th August 2021 at 1:13 pm
Lisa, thanks for all your work; hope family feeling better now.