Major milestone as Phase One of local vaccination programme is completed

Local medical teams have completed Phase One of their vaccination programme, which will mean those in the top nine priority groups are fully vaccinated.

To date CHAW practices (comprising GP surgeries in Chelford, Handforth, Alderley Edge and Wilmslow) have administered 26,958 vaccines.

These can be broken down to 11,811 Pfizer vaccinations and 15,147 of the Astra Zeneca vaccines.

As phase 1 is complete, the local medical team do not expect to receive any further deliveries in the coming months but may be called upon to deliver further vaccinations later this year in accordance with as yet unconfirmed government plans.

Dr Amar Ahmed, Partner at Wilmslow Health Centre, said "CHAW PCN agreed to work together to deliver Phase 1 of the vaccination programme back in December last year and on completing the administration of second doses, this important phase of the country's journey to normality is finally complete.

"We would like to thank all those who have made this happen. Our staff, clinical and non-clinical, have been amazing. They have persevered through unrelenting demand, working weekends, bank holidays, late nights and through their annual leave, during what has been one of the most difficult years ever seen in General Practice.

"The army of volunteers, organised by James Bunker, Julie Potts and the wonderful Rev Kirsty Thorpe, have played an indispensable role and have put up with many unexpected challenges unswervingly, not least the Great British weather! We have also been blessed to have had the support of many local celebrities who have provided much public support and encouragement to ensure our community gets protected by Covid Jabs as quickly as possible.

"We have been touched by an outbreak of kindness and community spirit which we hope will stay with us well beyond the end of the pandemic. The pandemic has brought the community together as never before and the spirit of cooperation and good-will has been heartening to observe."

Dr Amar Ahmed added "Of course, the battle is not over. There have been local outbreaks of the delta variant very recently and it's essential that we all continue to take precautions to minimise and contain the spread as much as possible.

"Local Mass Vaccination centres such as the one located at Alderley Park are continuing the campaign to administer jabs as part of Phase 2. We would urge everyone who remains unvaccinated to contact 119 or visit the Alderley Park online booking system to book their jab as soon as possible. Currently, they are accepting bookings from anyone 22-years-of-age or older and we expect this age to gradually drop over the next couple of weeks."



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Simon Worthington
Friday 18th June 2021 at 8:33 pm
I suppose the £300,000 (£12 a shot of something) or so eased the pain of all that hard work whilst still being paid for all the work not being done. Nice.
Amar Ahmed
Monday 21st June 2021 at 9:06 pm
Simon, I’m afraid your comments on the NHS are misinformed yet again.

CHAW practices have been open and caring for patients, as per usual, since the beginning of the pandemic, despite what certain sections of the media would have you believe. GP surgeries have never been busier. On top of delivering the largest vaccination programme in our history, to protect our community’s most vulnerable, GP practices have also been delivering more patient appointments than ever before; 31.5 million GP appointments in April alone with a sustained 30 to 40% increase in patient demand since July last year. All of this during a GP recruitment and retention crisis that had resulted in barely adequate GP and nurse numbers even before the pandemic hit. In addition, during the pandemic, a lot of work has moved from hospitals into primary care without the corresponding resources; all of this has been picked up and processed uncomplainingly by GP surgery staff.

The “£12 a shot” you refer to goes to fund clinical and non-clinical staff of all 5 local GP surgeries to work bank holidays, evenings and weekends (with many foregoing their annual leave) as well as all the usual expenses of vaccinating such a large group of people. GP led vaccination centres have delivered over 75% of Britain’s vaccinations so far; I think you’ll find that’s pretty good value for money compared to, say the £40bn spent so far on the not so efficient Test and Trace contracts in the private sector.

You are more than welcome to come and see the hard work for yourself by joining the amazing volunteers in our community who have come together help to make it happen. Just let me know when and I’ll arrange it!