Report of two men trying to steal post in Fulshaw park area

Residents are urged to be vigilant following reports of two men trying to steal post in the Fulshaw park area of Wilmslow.

PCSO Hails said "It appears they are using this to apply for credit cards; please let us know if you have any footage or have witnessed two men going through post boxes."

Police received the first report on Saturday 17th April that two men had been putting their hands in letterboxes.

A police spokesperson said "Police attended and made a search of the area but found no trace of the men."

Enquiries are ongoing and anyone with any information is asked to call Cheshire Police on 101 quoting IML 966052 or report any information online.



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Tracy Mellor
Tuesday 27th April 2021 at 3:32 pm
I live on Fulshaw Park and quite a few of my neighbours have indeed had credit cards registered in their names that they didn’t apply for. We have seen two men in the area on an almost daily basis and witnessed the car they drive. The same car has been seen elsewhere in Wilmslow so if these guys are the culprits it’s possible they are targeting other areas too. So, wherever you live in Wilmslow be on guard and check your credit history regularly.
David Smith
Thursday 29th April 2021 at 11:00 am
Yes Tracy - check your credit card statements!
It's amazing to me how often I am asked when paying by credit card if I want s 'receipt'. I mean how can I check the validity of the purchase on my credit card statement if I do not have a receipt to validate the entry? Seems like pretty good advice to me. PLUS if I want to return an item for whatever reason I will need the receipt as proof of purchase and for warranty issues.
I don't have contactless for a similar reason. I want control over my expenditure and just swiping it and walking away is perhaps convenient but also full of flaws at the same time.
But then again I'm a boring old fart who still uses cash and sends the odd cheque.
I have phone banking but not Internet banking which doesn't yet appear to have the security/trust from the banks in place to prevent scams and phishing.
We are all being herded into a lifestyle where we have no choice and where the benefits are all stacked in favour of the 'other' side.
All too often companies can only be contacted via Facebook/Twitter or similar. No phone contact or only on their website via a selection of dropdown 'complaints'.
I mean, after all the slagging off of ex-president Trump who 'ruled' by Twitter who on earth would want to follow his example and actually use the same means of communication? As for Facebook, which I believe is trying to influence the way we live our lives and in the process earn a fortune from advertising, take a look at this:
But, of course, this won't happen to you, will it?
David Smith
Thursday 29th April 2021 at 11:12 am
Oh and here's my suggestion for dealing with scam/phishing emails and phone calls.

Do NOT open the email otherwise you may accept a virus into your system
FORWARD the email to [add this address to your contacts].
Label the email as JUNK on your system.
Then DELETE the email.
You have an obligation to do this and help a system that is detecting scammers and removing them so that others are protected.

Phone calls:
You can do the same for a scam phone call by sending details of:
Time and date of call
The number that called you.
Your number.
Any other information.
In case you do not know - to check the status of a call you can dial the number adding 141 in front of their number and see who answers.
Adding 141 as a prefix to any call [landline or mobile] withholds your number so the recipient cannot see that you called.
To check, add 141 and call your landline/mobile to see that it does work.

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