Call for crackdown on nuisance riders

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Wilmslow Police have been carrying out enquiries after receiving a number of complaints of anti-social behaviour involving motorbikes in the Altrincham Road and Moor Lane areas.

PSCO James Morris said "These enquiries are often extensive as identification of the vehicles and drivers can be difficult. However, following a related incident earlier this week, officers were able to identify the driver and report them for anti-social driving and no insurance offences. Enquiries in relation to dangerous driving by a car and quad bike on Alderley Road last week are also progressing."

PCSO Morris added Incidents of anti-social driving could include, but are not necessarily limited to, pulling wheelies, driving continuously along a footpath and dangerous overtaking. Such occurrences can be reported to police by following the information provided at

"An officer may subsequently be able to investigate a report if there is considered to be a viable line of enquiry, which could include registration or driver details, or clear photographic or video footage of the offence taking place and the vehicle and driver involved. All incidents may be beneficial for intelligence gathering purposes, so I would encourage people to report them, even after the event."



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Mark Russell
Sunday 28th March 2021 at 6:43 pm
Meanwhile a valuable speed trap was set down the racetrack called Moor Lane. It was that bad a grand total of one speeder was caught. Meanwhile all this is going on not 500m away. Community policing at its best!
John Gillespie
Sunday 28th March 2021 at 7:12 pm
It's about time Cheshire Police started looking seriously at the speed of vehicles in general on Altrincham Road. It has become a bit of a race track, especially at weekends. I dread to think at what speed many drivers are "driving" past the front of our house which is a 30mph road!!!
Wayne Jaffe
Wednesday 31st March 2021 at 2:21 pm
Have you tried crossing Adlington Road at Vardon Bridge? Here you can actually see how fast the cars speed past as there is a speed camera, but no camera sadly. Trying to walk across the road along the Bollin Valley Way is so dangerous. Would the police accept mobile phone video footage of car reg and speed camera display?
Manuel Golding
Wednesday 31st March 2021 at 4:43 pm
And then we come to the regular weekend imbecilic boy racer syndrome along the Alderley & Wuimslow by-pas (A34) - anti-social driving , including roaring engines & exhaust pollution. This goes on every week end, some start at pre dusk on Friday eve and continue throughout Sat & Sundays. The Police & Crime Commissioner has been nae aware as has the Chief Constable - their responses could be written on the back of a stamp - nothing. Now summer is approaching the two issues nentioned here will only get worse.
By the way, the P & CC election/vote is coming forth - maybe we should ask him what a) he has done and b) what will he be doing about it. Answers could affect his vote!
As I write now, I can hear the repeated roar of the imbecilic car drivers as they show us just how uncaring & socially irresponsible they really are..
David Smith
Wednesday 31st March 2021 at 9:37 pm
Manuel Golding:
I totally agree. It isn't just the weekends either. I am near Manchester Road and can hear the noise inside my house from over there. In fact as I type at 2230hrs on Wednesday I can hear the odd boy racer even now.
I suggested a few weeks ago that they could be stopped and booked under the Covid lockdown rules if they were not from round here. which I suspect could be the case. As Manuel suggests they might be contravening some pollution regulations but I wonder about their exhaust decibels. I mean how come all the other cars go down the by-pass and can't be heard but these guys make more noise than the rest of the cars on the road at the same time put together?
I have made official complaints via 111 on several occasions but to no avail.
If the Police can look into nuisance road users in one part of Wilmslow and Councillor Craig Browne has managed to sort out the nutters in cars in his area of Alderley Edge - why can’t he do something - in his capacity of Deputy Leader of CHESHIRE EAST COUNCIL - about OUR town?
See my and other comments on Alderley Edge at the link:
In the meantime how about the other councillors doing something?
Not a peep from Councillor Don Stockton [or about anything else come to think of it].
Simon Worthington
Thursday 1st April 2021 at 5:43 pm
I can hear the noise too, along with trains and under normal circumstances incessant planes. All part of suburbia.
However the selfish dog owners who think it acceptable to boot their hound out into their garden at 7am to bark and bark or let it out at 11pm to do the same irritate me much more.
David Smith
Friday 2nd April 2021 at 10:44 am
Normal traffic noise along with planes and trains are, as you say, all part of the 'Suburbia' that you mention. So are dogs that bark. I would agree with you that inconsiderate owners who allow theirs to interfere with your peace so early/late in the day should be more considerate towards you.
What I do not agree with is that you seem to think that what might annoy someone else is ok but what annoys you is not ok. Selfish and inconsiderate is what I call that!
These 'boy racers' are not just going somewhere in a car that has a noisy exhaust. They are deliberately and repeatedly going up and down this stretch of the Wilmslow bypass, keeping their engines in a lower gear than is required as they approach, go round and leave the roundabouts - just so they can play their 'beautiful exhaust music' at very high revs to anyone within the surrounding area who might at that time of the day not wish to hear this racket. Just like you don't want to hear your neighbours' dogs when it doesn't suit you.
Go and advise your neighbours of your frustration at their barking dogs and if they ignore your reasonable request you will then know how the rest of us feel who would like these boy racers to stop.
There is of course the point that a few dogs barking is not dangerous and nobody is going to get injured or killed but the enjoyment of these F1 wannabe drivers, despite what they may believe, isn’t good driving and is a potential hazard to other motorists.
Let us all know how you get on with your neighbourly request for quieter dogs.
Simon Worthington
Monday 5th April 2021 at 5:08 pm
"What I do not agree with is that you seem to think that what might annoy someone else is ok but what annoys you is not ok. Selfish and inconsiderate is what I call that!"
Though police in action!!! I don't agree with you not agreeing!!
"nutters in cars"
"imbecilic boy racer syndrome"
Too much time on hands??
Some of you would complain about the smell of cow**** in the country, or church bells!!
I am tempted to do something about the eight or so different dogs and their inconsiderate owners, all but one or two (probably) are entitled London exile types or other "new money" of some sort (the dog breed is a good indicator along with no idea of how to look after it properly as it was mainly purchased to impress friends, entertain children and give them something to talk about) and leafy Wilmslow is as near to the dirty countryside as they would like to live.
As I write this the large dog that has barked intermittently all day at all and any noise has been at it for 40 minutes now and I haven't heard one imbecile.
David Smith
Wednesday 7th April 2021 at 9:22 am
Well Simon: recent events tragically show how we both have valid cause for complaint and are right to bring to the attention of the 2 or 3 readers who might see our comments after I post this comment.


Which sort of puts a different light on Khumi Barton's lamppost replacement story after the workmen left a large hole in her hedge. See:


Plus another tragic motoring incident as yet unexplained apart from the driver being stated as uninsured.

I was in Wilmslow by Hoopers on 06 April when a couple of ‘imbeciles’ came from Altrincham Road with their exhausts ‘singing’ and following each other by a few feet in the direction of Alderley Edge, no doubt to meet up with other nutters and have some ‘boy racer’ fun along the bypass.
How long then before we have a similar accident to either of the two Birmingham incidents above?
WHEN one does happen, all of our councillors will be held to account as not one of them has, if I recall, publicly spoken out against them and informed us what is being done to put an end to their ‘innocent’ pleasure that will one day turn into the most guilty of tragic events for some poor unfortunate soul - which could be a loved one of yours.
I think Manuel Golding and I are the only two who seem to be making a stand against this ‘fun’ on our local roads.

Also, could I suggest in the nicest possible way, that you look over your comments before posting them to correct any grammatical errors and make them read better. Most of what you post is to a level of English more appropriate to a juvenile who has yet to sit English GCSE and then only just manage a pass!
John Harries
Wednesday 7th April 2021 at 4:35 pm
It's clearly a problem we can all relate to whether it's just outside the door where we can see it or a distance away when we can clearly hear it; the whole area has become a raceday venue and apart from the noise pollution it's downright dangerous - just take a look at the stretch of the A34 from Alderley Road to the A555 overpass, it's 5 roundabouts and a shedload of Armco in less than 3 miles and much of the time it resembles a mini war zone (battered central reservations and junked roundabout furniture, especially the roundabout at Handforth Dean now resembling a tank proving ground....). Apart from the chance of innocent fatalities, the perpetual repair costs eventually come down to we otherwise law abiding citizens/taxpayers.
The A555 is another fine entry point for the would be Lewis Hamilton to 'test' out their skills (all it takes is a heavy right foot and nowt between the ears and your off...) - and no visible deterrent by way of a yellow/blue hatched cop car that I've ever witnessed. Apart from a short stretch (just over 1 mile) between the Woodford/Bramhall boundary and the A34 it's all supposed to be 50mph, what a joke (if it wasn't so serious).
The police probably can claim they don't have the traffic resources they used to have but that is no excuse - outcome, the racers know that they have a very good chance of going unchecked.