Sharp rise in local Covid-19 cases in week leading up to Christmas


The latest figures have been released showing that all local areas have seen a significant increase in Covid-19 cases compared to the previous week.

The map, produced by Public Health England, has been updated to show where the new coronavirus cases have been recorded during the 7 day period ending December 24th.

The map breaks down areas by 'middle super output areas' and shows that the infection rate in all parts of Wilmslow have increased and in Wilmslow Town and Lacey Green and Wilmslow Park cases have more than doubled.

These latest figures from Public Health England show the number of cases during the 7 day period and the infection rate per 100,000 people.

• Alderley Edge and Chelford – 26 314.1 (85.7%)

• Handforth and Dean Row – 38 349.6 (11.8%)

• Mobberley, Plumley and High Legh – 40 334.3 (48.1%)

• Wilmslow Town – 26 370.9 (116.7%)

• Lacey Green and Wilmslow Park - 27 408.9 (145.5%)

• Fulshaw Park and Lindow - 11 373.4 (68.8%)

• Prestbury and Adlington - 22 430.1 (214.3%)

% = change from previous 7 day period.

During this seven day period, Cheshire East had 272 cases, which represents a 42.2% increase on the previous 7 days. The infection rate per 100,000 is 238.4.



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Clive Cooksey
Wednesday 6th January 2021 at 3:27 pm
For Gods sake! Why do some idiots STILL walk around as if nothing is happening. They want arresting
Simon Worthington
Thursday 7th January 2021 at 9:20 am
I promised my self I wouldn't but....
Please Clive, where are these idots you seem to be able to identify that appear to you to think nothing is happening. Are you spotting them on your quotidian perambulations? Are they the ones alone in their car NOT wearing a mask? Are they the ones who try and explain the concept (and inevitable results) of a 45 cycle Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction test to the glassy eyed? Are they the ones with no cash trying desperately to feed their kids?
Point two.
Arrest them!! For what? Thoughts? Then what? Put them where? Endanger how many in the process?
For a bit of humour in all this. The paranoid woman in the bank a while back. Masked, vinyl gloves and wild, frightened eyes. After a few moments struggling decided to pull one of the gloves off with her teeth. Cue guffaws from me and a cashier trying her best not to laugh out loud. Similar, mum with family in the pub (remember them), masked etc. then rips open the quavers WITH her teeth. Not a though about where the bag had been or who touched it.
I doubt Clive, that even with your forensic mind reading skills, you could find anyone who thinks that "nothing is happening". Maybe a few with doubts about the remedy though.