Council requests extra powers of enforcement as residents urged to 'only go out where necessary'

Whilst Cheshire East is not currently in lockdown, the Leader of Cheshire East Council has urged residents to behave as though they were and "only go out where really necessary" and suggests that the elderly and obese should only go outside to exercise.

As of today, Monday 29th September, there have been 2852 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Cheshire East, including 156 cases within the last week, which is an increase of 29 from yesterday.

Speaking on Twitter, Councillor Sam Corcoran, described the numbers as "alarming".

He said "I believe that further restrictions are needed and from today it's mandatory to self-isolate if you're asked to do so and there's a £1000 fine for failing to do so.

Cllr Corcoran added "I believe that additional restrictions will be needed. If you're in a high risk group and I urge people to only go out where necessary. If you're in a high risk group, for example elderly or obese I suggest that you only go out to exercise.

"We are not lockdown in Cheshire East but please think back to when we were in lockdown, work from home wherever possible and only go out where really necessary, for example to go to school or if your work requires it."

Speaking against the latest figures, Cllr Craig Browne, Deputy Leader at Cheshire East Council, said "It is against this backdrop that the Leader and I have written to the Secretary of State requesting additional local powers of enforcement to try and control the spread of the corona virus across Cheshire East. A number of our neighbours have gone back into local lockdown, including most recently, Stockport. This is something that, for the sake of our economy, we are keen to avoid.

"We have also expressed our concern about the lack of testing capacity. So far, the North West as a whole has seen 24% of the infections across England, but has only 15% of the national testing capacity. Fortunately, from this Thursday, 1st October, Cheshire East will be getting a local testing centre at Chester Street Car Park, in Crewe, with plans for further sites in Congleton and Macclesfield."

Cllr Browne added "This week has seen the introduction of the NHS test and trace app which I would like to encourage everyone to download and use. Businesses where people congregate, for example pubs, restaurants and leisure facilities have been asked to display a venue specific QR code, which people can scan on their phone to record their visit – remember for some venues, this is a legal requirement."



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Tony Haluradivth
Monday 28th September 2020 at 2:31 pm
And so it begins...The businesses ARE supposed to display the Q code for that ridiculous App by Law YES Craig and( Mr Labour Leader of the Council that we did not vote for) but it is NOT a legal requirement to download the App and if you do not have Smart phones or you do not want the intrusive GCHQ App then you can give you address details the traditional way. You need to make that clear. At nearly 90 and fit..NO I won't be locked down again and please release those students who have been locked in Halls in Manchester by your Labour pals Sam.

What are the hospitalization rates in our area for genuine Corona virus please? Not people who are in for a fractured femur like my sister in law who happened to test positive for Covid. I mean,after all many of those PCR tests are giving false positives.
My sister in law has got her son to record her statement that if she dies in Theatre during her op she does NOT want the death rigged on her certificate as Covid.

59000 died because of a Bad flu season in 2017...we DID NOT TRASH THE ECONOMY, destroy jobs, lock people in their homes, order masks to be worn. The figures we're far higher. We want the Stats Craig the true unadulterated stats please. We know where this is leading. Operation Moonshot and weekly compulsory testing for all 60 million of us, and results go on the App. The tests are vile with the swab going up your nose almost into yoyr brain cavity..very un pleasant and very unfair for kids. Fauci himself says asymptomatic cases ARE NOT SPREADERS. This is leading to a Covid immunity passport on your phone for mandatory use if you need admitting to out patients , supermarkets etc etc

. This is mass surveillance which would have done the Stasi proud. Before I am called a tin foiler please look at the BMJ article on Covid immunity passports being mooted by Sage. Plus read the leaked report also in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) about the mass testing programme Operation Moon shot and look at the cost of delivery folk £100 billion (the cost of running the NHS for 1 year).

All Path labs will be put on corona priority so forget about your path results for cancers they will go to the back of the queue. Even the egomaniacs at SAGE have now confirmed that 750000 young and old will die from untreated Cancers, Cardiac conditions, Strokes...This is horrifying. Doctors and Nurses want to speak out but their jobs can be on the line. How do I know all this as a pensioner nearing 90 ? My nephew works at Addenbrookes in a senior Clinical role. He sent me the BMJ links plus this link to an open letter signed by Belgian, British and French Doctors including his esteemed colleagues. He also pointed me to a YouTube video doing the rounds called "It's just an App Bro!" by Computing Forever a young highly intelligent Irish man.

Please readers of Lisa's amazing site read up and keep all this at the back of your mind. You have bodily autonomy and do not need to surrender your rights to the State because we have a bad virus circulating...but deaths will be dwarfed by cancer deaths. Giving up the rights to your body for weekly mass testing (which will find thousands and thousands of asymptomatic cases for which as a healthy individual you will be locked down again on the pain of a 10 k fine.) Patrick Vallance has £600000 worth of shares in GSK (as reported by the BBC) who are making the vaccines. He is dictating policy and has a clear conflict of interest which has been ignored by blustering Boris. Our own MP is one of those concerned like (Sir Graham Brady)of the immense power grab, and new emergency laws bein g passed by decree and not by voting.
We are on a precipice here (and I do not mean the virus) this wonderful country is lurching toward Totalitarianism.
My family were murdered in death camps by a totalitarian regime. ...this is why my parents bought me to the UK as a young boy... we were the lucky ones. They had friends who survived the war in Leipzig who then ended up in the DDR another Totalitarian regime which locked students up for minor infractions and had an industrial number of Stasi agents imploring folk to "nark on a neighbour" as Priti Patel has urged. I voted for this Government and am now appalled at the lack of democratic accountability with ALL parties.
Diane Holcroft
Monday 28th September 2020 at 3:42 pm
Tony H:

Wonderful post my friend! You not only make complete sense, you are a breathe of fresh air and also voice of reason.

I have posted your comment on Facebook in a public Canadian forum and also other local uk forums.
I hope that’s ok with you. Let me know.

I have copied and saved your comment and I will post it anywhere I can going forward.

Thank you, keep up the good fight, keep in touch.

Best regards,

Tony Haluradivth
Monday 28th September 2020 at 4:26 pm
Diane thanks and a big thanks to Lisa Reeves for printing it whilst there is an unwritten censorship agreement at the moment with the MSM.

It was my nephew (the Medical man)who has been assiduously passing info around the family. Their surgical expertise is going to waste at the moment ,they are not getting the cases that have been missed (prostate cancer) , oncologists are worried. The NHS has been hijacked by the Covid show.and Boris has gone into hyperactive mode as he is advised by behavioural Scientists all with some big skin in the game. Incompetence from March has morphed into Ego Opera. He cannot must not be allowed to requisition Path labs to conduct 60 million tests per week all other illnesses will be left on the wood pile
But new powers have been conferred on Councils grants have been sent down to pay for road closures, cycle lanes etc when previously they cannot mend a pothole in time. The Pandemic is being cited as a " great opportunity for a reset". Craig and the Council Leader need to tell us how many serious cases of pure Covid are in our hospitals. We all know cases have gone up because testing went stratospheric, my daughter a Care assistant rightly has to test each week, but she says it is almost every office is demanding tests. So one can be asymptomatic and perfectly healthy but you are a then a Covid case.
Craig and Sam need to tell us what the asymptomatic positive cases are. We also have the mess of the false positives...The Tanzanian chief Medical Officer has abandoned the PCR tests as he claimed they were false . A papaya and a live goat were tested and found to have Covid!!!
. 70 members of an NFL team in the USA came back with positive results (A whole 2 squads) when a private Science lab retested them it was found they did NOT have Covid. All players were fit, well and not in bed or on respirators which is the image the worried well and scared. But the demand for constant testing is finding all these "cases". The MSM are complicit as fear creates clicks and when folk are locked down there are more clicks for greedy new paper proprietors. This is about , incompetence, arrogance and ego , with naked power grabs and a chance for a lot of vested interests in Governments to make a lot of money in hunt for the vaccine. We are all lab rats at the moment..Peter Hitchens is a good reference for reasoned argument. Diana you may copy and paste anything of mine you like.
That is the BMJ link for those interested.
One further note the stories of Long Covid are true but they are the same post viral fatigue syndrome 20 % of unfortunate get when contracting ANY VIRUS so it is an welcome side effect and most of only worsened by the stress of limited contact with loved ones forced on us by Government decree.

The idea mooted now (btw) is to use the army to break up gaggles of Pub goers son the streets after 10pm...This is going to end BADLY and I am scared
Mark Russell
Monday 28th September 2020 at 4:31 pm
Well said Tony, a well thought out argument.
Rick Andrews
Monday 28th September 2020 at 5:41 pm
Are any of our councillors qualified in public health or epidemiology? Clearly not. Also They Appear to be completely misinformed about the NHS app and QR codes.

Whilst it is OK to Request more testing capacity and to ask people to exercise common sense about going out, to seek legal powers as enforcers is way beyond their remit and more likely to cause confusion and chaos.
Richard Bullock
Monday 28th September 2020 at 8:24 pm
@Tony Haluradivth:

In 2016/17, Public Health England estimates 17,600 died of flu, not 59,000. The following year around 16,000.

Details on page 47:

So Covid-19 has killed around 2.5 times as many people, and would likely have been much higher had we not started social distancing in March.
Alan Butler
Monday 28th September 2020 at 8:54 pm
2017 wasn't a bad year for influenza, at least in England and Wales. There were 458 deaths and 27,639 attributed to 'influenza and pneumonia', not 57,000.

Fauci did not say that asymptomatic cases are not spreaders. He said the opposite.

“The good news about Covid-19 is that about 40 percent of the population have no symptoms when they get infected,” Dr. Fauci said. But “even though you are likely not going to get symptoms, you are propagating the outbreak, which means that you’re going to infect someone, who will infect someone, who then will have a serious consequence.”
Tony Haluradivth
Tuesday 29th September 2020 at 8:13 am
Where are you getting your stats from? You are totally wrong about the 2017 /2018winter flu stats. In 1975 there were 58000 deaths attributed to the Winter flu .

If you Google "It's just an App Bro!" By Computing Forever A WELL watched vide on you tube a few minutes in you will see a clear clip of Fauci delivering an address saying VERY CLEARLY THAT ASYMPTOMATIC CASES CANNOT AND DO NOT SPREAD THE VIRUS. Perhaps he has a "doppelganger"
Tony Haluradivth
Tuesday 29th September 2020 at 8:24 am
Here is my link also to the ONS site stating that winter deaths from flue in the 22017/18 season at over 50k were the worst since the 1975 winter flu season . This is the UK. Stats for Covid are avaliable on Worldometers and ONS and other sites are for the UK. We are talking about the UK. Clearly some inhabit an alternate universe. Any comments on the Open letter signed by numerous physicians which are linked in my first
comment. Presumably you are in full support for Boris's mass screening programme Operation Moon shot and the £100 billion costing? Is Vallance's a qualified Physician? (He is certainly expert on share picking)
ONS page linked below showing the correct numbers for the UK
Tony Haluradivth
Tuesday 29th September 2020 at 10:25 am
And 458 deaths???? Alan Butler you insult ALL our intelligence with that one ;)
Julie Bhagat
Tuesday 29th September 2020 at 3:19 pm
So the 17,000 figure is for deaths from flu in 2017/18. And the 50,000 is excess deaths which could include flu and other factors. I'm guessing these are for a whole year? (12 months).

So to compare figures properly, you'd need to look at an equivalent 12 month period for 2019/20 (deaths from Covid and excess mortality) - bit tricky as it has only been just over 6 months....

Perhaps we could just try to listen to each other and try to understand each others' viewpoint even if we don't agree (rather than ending up insulting each other as usually happens in these comments sections)? For example, I can see that Tony is concerned that the measures are too draconian and also worries about attention on Covid leading to other health services being neglected and I completely get this.
Richard Bullock
Tuesday 29th September 2020 at 3:27 pm

If you read your own link, it says
"In the 2017 to 2018 winter period, there were an estimated 50,100 excess winter deaths in England and Wales."

"Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease accounted for 21.6% of all EWD (10,800 deaths out of 50,100)"

"circulatory diseases ... accounted for nearly a quarter of all EWD (23.0% or 11,500 deaths out of 50,100)"

"Respiratory diseases remained the most prominent underlying cause of excess winter deaths (EWD). This equates to 17,400 EWD caused by respiratory diseases and accounted for 34.7% of all EWD. Of these excess respiratory deaths, pneumonia (specifically ICD-10 code J18) and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (specifically ICD-10 code J44) accounted for the largest proportions."

So 17,400 excess deaths from all respiratory conditions, including influenza. Not over 50,000.
Tony Haluradivth
Tuesday 29th September 2020 at 4:29 pm
Hello Ricahard you take me to task for the figures I raised but seem unconcerned at another commenter citing 458 deaths in that same period. Perhaps you would care to comment on the flu deaths in 1975 or the pandemic figures for flu deaths in the UK in the Asian and Hong Kong flu outbreaks of the late 50's and 60's. I lived through all of these as did many others . Our population was much lower then also. There were no lockdowns, no curfews, no fear mongering by the MSM. No smartphones with no intrusive Apps and no trashing of the economy.
For a balanced collective view of experts perhaps you would like to glance at the links I provided to the Open letter by a large group of practicing physicians across 3 different jurisdictions .
Stay safe and have a good evening
Alan Butler
Tuesday 29th September 2020 at 4:52 pm

I looked at you Youtube video by Dave Cullen (profile 'Computing Forever') that you pointed to. It includes a clip of Fauci recorded on January 28th in which he says “asymptomatic transmission has never been the driver of an outbreak”. At no point does he say the words that you have attributed to him.
That asymptomatic transmission does occur is now generally accepted. Here’s an extract from the BMJ article that you referenced on Monday:
“One of the reasons such lockdown measures are deemed necessary is the potential for asymptomatic infection and spreading of COVID-19. Estimates vary widely, but the number of people who do not experience symptoms when infected with COVID-19 seems likely to be around 40%.6 Research suggests that close to half of all transmission events occur before the onset of symptoms, and people are thought to be at their most infectious on or before the time of symptom onset”.

At least one person has accepted and propagated your comment and I’m now wondering how many people now believe they can’t infect others if they have no symptoms. This is how disinformation begins.

Incidentally, you might like to do some research on Mr Cullen before accepting his stories. I don’t do conspiracy theories, they would be far beyond the ability of most organisations to manage and that’s especially true of our current government.
Gillian Slater
Tuesday 29th September 2020 at 7:08 pm
Bit complicated for an ordinary old woman to follow. Sorry
Diane Holcroft
Wednesday 30th September 2020 at 6:01 am
Hi Tony,
Re your comment:
‘We all know cases have gone up because testing went stratospheric, my daughter a Care assistant rightly has to test each week, but she says it is almost every office is demanding tests. So one can be asymptomatic and perfectly healthy but you are a then a Covid case.
Craig and Sam need to tell us what the asymptomatic positive cases are. We also have the mess of the false positives...The Tanzanian chief Medical Officer has abandoned the PCR tests as he claimed they were false . A papaya and a live goat were tested and found to have Covid!!!

That’s astounding and very interesting!

.’70 members of an NFL team in the USA came back with positive results (A whole 2 squads) when a private Science lab retested them it was found they did NOT have Covid. All players were fit, well and not in bed or on respirators which is the image the worried well and scared. But the demand for constant testing is finding all these "cases". The MSM are complicit as fear creates clicks and when folk are locked down there are more clicks for greedy new paper proprietors. This is about , incompetence, arrogance and ego , with naked power grabs and a chance for a lot of vested interests in Governments to make a lot of money in hunt for the vaccine. We are all lab rats at the moment..Peter Hitchens is a good reference for reasoned argument.’

Thanks for this, too. It’s more assuring to hear all this from a wise elder of society.
I hope to keep in touch with you to learn more about this very interesting topic.
Kareem Masdoon
Wednesday 30th September 2020 at 9:12 am
Hello Alan can I give the Medic's viewpoint it is still a hypothesis (strongly veering to possible) that asymptomatic cases may spread the virus. However there are still many variables and one needs to bear in mind that it is still a hypothesis, look at Fauci's choice of words "may","could", "possibly".
Many people are right to be concerned at the prospect of another harsh lockdown.
Harsh lockdowns kill small businesses, and destroy our economy, we need a healthy economy and taxes from Industry and SME's to pay for the NHS. Yes the 2017/18 flu season had us in hospitals at breaking point Alan and can I give you a snapshot of hospital life in Greater Manchester over the Summer. During the week the hospitals were very quiet (whereas normally they would be bustling with outpatients, clinics and people BEING TREATED FOR SERIOUS CONDITIONS
BESIDES COVID) I have colleagues who as Oncologists, Nephrologists, Breast Cancer Specialists, Urologists (who deal in ever rising Prostate Cancers)and they are ALL very concerned about the missing cases. There could well be the figure of 75,00 deaths in this regard mooted by Sage. It is a heavy price to pay for some Lockdown lovers who have healthy pensions and are retired, Third sector workers on guaranteed incomes, those who like the cosiness of working from home on FULL SALARY and those on furlough who bagged another paid job during lockdown (as they were entitled to do) and saw their earnings rise, and senior folk at Astra Zeneca and other other Science Park rushing to find a vaccine which will increase their Share price significantly ;)) Lockdowns are deadly for a huge range of people for complex reasons. We have been shocked by the high rate of suicides and attempted suicide cases we have had to deal with and it has been hard to keep a lid on our emotions (as parents ourselves ) seeing yet another young person bought in on a stretcher. There has been nothing like it before. The NHS was fortunate not to be overwhelmed, the Nightingale hospitals were barely used and Neil Ferguson's
dire predictions have been yet again de bunked and still I hear this very egotistical man still has the ear of others on SAGE. This is very wrong, he pushed for a hard lockdown with heavily enforced restrictions and then like the hypocrite he is flouted the rules.Perhaps the readers will be interested to know that Bars in the HOC in Westminster stay open well after 11.00pm.
I blame Politicians (of all Parties) for terrifying the public, some of whom have been too scared to come to seek medical help for serious conditions and subsequently die in their homes or in the Ambulance on the way to hospital NOT from Covid 19.
There is no balance or calm reflection coming from those who lead , just knee jerk policies, authoritarian restrictions (unheard of outside Peacetime) and political point scoring. I found the clapping of the NHS each week to be embarrassing. I signed up for this I love Medicine and am happy to serve . We should be looking after the Public and NOT the other way round. The NHS is top heavy with Common Purpose non medically trained management and has become a political football used by all parties. As a foreigner I scratch my head and wonder why the German or French model (which put the patient first) are not your model. The NHS (so wonderful in the late 40's and 50's) WAS "the envy of the world" so much so that NO other country on Earth copied the model, I wonder why? The old lady IS creaking but destroying the economy will kill the old lady off for good.
Kareem Masdoon
Wednesday 30th September 2020 at 10:42 am
Apologies on coming back again, below is a link from WHO (for Alan an other interested parties) about asymptomatic spread which is far less alarmist than some of our tabloid headlines.,transmission%20of%20the%20virus.
Simon Worthington
Wednesday 30th September 2020 at 7:02 pm
Well as least some well constructed arguments showing some dissent from the path being followed by those elected to govern not rule.
Do not tweak the tail of the tiger!
Peter Croome
Thursday 1st October 2020 at 7:20 am
It is those who will not obey the rules that will be responsible for further deaths. Encouragement to comply seems to have no response. Lengthy discussions on potholes etc. seem somewhat irrelevant at this moment in time.
Kareem Masdoon
Thursday 1st October 2020 at 9:26 am
It is the virus which IS responsible for further deaths, scapegoating folk (the young can be very irresponsible, because they are young) is a very dangerous road to travel down. We can all do our bit for sure using regular (clean and washed masks), washing hands more often and yes if someone is coming toward you and not moving we can avoid them, but you must remember that cases are rising because testing has increased exponentially, please be reassured that each one of these cases does not mean someone suffering the terrible effects of the virus and gasping for air. There is AT LAST a sensible, non hysteric Guardian article out today stating that we need to learn possibly to live with this virus the way we lived for many years with the risk of TB, Diphtheria, measles ( which is highly infectitious and was a big killer) . We need to balance risk and accept that we are not immortal. Endless harsh lockdowns are self defeating and dangerous. I will read the Guardian's readers comments with interest when I finish work. Good Day All
Diane Holcroft
Wednesday 7th October 2020 at 10:02 pm
Here are my thoughts:
I don’t fully trust anyone to give correct info on this virus and how to deal with it.
I’m unsure of the safety and long term effects of potential vaccines, too.
Officials and authorities obviously don’t know much about the virus or about how to deal successfully with it.
They are apparently just learning as they go along and adjusting their instructions and rules to the best of their knowledge (or else just following other leads as they become available.)

Unchartered territory for sure.

My instincts tell me that masks might not be that effective (except for medical grade respirators) and might really only be effective for the protection of others if the wearer is sneezing or coughing.
Masks are not airtight and therefore just aren’t going to prevent spreading the virus indoors when in close proximity to others.
I also feel that masks may be quite unhealthy for us and I think forcing young children to wear them all day long is cruel and possibly a form of abuse.

If another virus emerges from China, which is likely, there should be a global plan in place to temporarily halt world travel which is what I believe should have happened with this current virus.

The WHO should never be trusted again with global health or anything for that matter as they strongly encouraged travel to continue, even played the race card, using guilt to convince the world that travel should continue.