Children's sunflower competition brightens up Fulshaw

At the start of Covid lockdown Fulshaw residents decided to run a sunflower growing competition for the local children.
Rick Gorst purchased seeds, compost, labels etc and transformed part of his garden into 'growing stations' for each child's plant.

Seeds were handed out and, as they were from the same batch and planted in the same compost, the expectation was that each seed would grow at a very similar rate and have the same chance of winning but nature proved this wan't the case.

It was up to the children to go along and water their plants whenever they wanted, observing social distancing, so that there would be no crowding.

Judging took place on Saturday, 22nd August, by Sheila Hallas MBE and Sue Pammenter OBE.

There were four categories: First to Flower won by George; Judge's Choice won by Priya); People's Choice won by Grace and finally the Tallest Plant and overall winner was awarded to Freya.

Local resident Peter Taylor said "Judgement day was held under strict Covid guidelines; with rules on risk mitigation (compiled by a local GP) being sent out to participants well in advance and a reminder prior to the event. Hand sanitisation was compulsory on arrival and before and after voting and timed entry was in force."

He added "This has proven to be an excellent exercise in getting to know the residents from slightly further afield than our immediate neighbours and has developed more of a community spirit. Unfortunately, due to holidays, not all of the children could be present on the day but it was a splendid affair."

"There were cups for the four winners and flowers for the judges and organisers and I believe I saw a bottle of strong drink changing hands too! Hopefully it will go ahead next year in happier times."


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