Headteacher tells A Level students ‘we are proud of you!'


As a result of the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing, students from Wilmslow High School were sent their A Level results today which meant that, unlike other years, no celebrations took place at the school.

As yet, the school has not released any details regarding the grades awarded to their pupils, however Headteacher James Pullé has issued a statement praising his A Level students who were unable to sit their exams earlier this summer due to COVID-19.

Dr James Pullé said "Everyone at Wilmslow High School is very proud of all that our students have achieved and the contribution they have made to our community throughout their school career.

"Never in my lifetime have a cohort of Year 13 students been required to live through such remarkable circumstances as our world as a whole has faced during 2020. In the long run I am very confident that the Class of 2020 will be that much stronger for having lived through these incredible times.

"The results from the Awarding Bodies distributed today have been among the best the school has seen which is a credit to the sustained hard work of our students over time and the support that they have received from our staff.

"The process of ensuring that our students are ready to embark on the next stage of their learning has already seen the vast majority of them with places in university or apprenticeships confirmed; we will continue to support those still exploring the opportunities now available to them.

"We thank our young people for all that they have contributed and achieved during their time at Wilmslow and we give them our best wishes for the future."

A Levels, Wilmslow High School