Coronavirus testing lab opening at Alderley Park


Testing for the coronavirus will be taking place at Alderley Park where the Medicines Discovery Catapult has been transformed into a hub laboratory to carry out testing for Covid-19.

Last week the Government announced the establishment of large scale national COVID-19 hub laboratories across the UK with the initial laboratories being established Alderley Park, Milton Keynes and Glasgow.

The hub at Alderley Park has been created at unprecedented pace and is working closely with experts from the regional pharmaceutical, academic and clinical community.

Universities, research institutes and commercial companies across Britain are lending their testing equipment and samples will be delivered to the hub laboratories from across the nation for analysis.

Skilled volunteers from across the scientific community, with the relevant expertise and experience needed to carry out COVID-19 testing, will process samples around the clock.

Prof. Chris Molloy, Chief Executive Officer at Medicines Discovery Catapult said "At a time of national challenge, harnessing the great strengths of the UK's businesses, universities, the NHS and research institutes requires expert teams working to a common purpose.

"The immense effort by so many partners to establish these national hub laboratories will provide vital information on the level of COVID-19 infection across the UK. It also demonstrates innovative medical science being delivered at scale.

"At Medicines Discovery Catapult, we are well placed to lead the establishment of the hub laboratory at Alderley park bringing together the scientific, clinical and industrial know-how from many organisations - engaging a skilled local workforce - to support increased capacity COVID-19 testing."

Dr Kath Mackay, Managing Director of Bruntwood SciTech Alderley Park added: "At Alderley Park we have the infrastructure and network of expertise that the Medicines Discovery Catapult needs to launch this critical facility, and we are proud to be working together with the wider science community on such a vitally important project."

Alderley Park


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Pete Taylor
Monday 6th April 2020 at 10:26 pm
Excellent news; when Michael Jones gave Alderley Park £1m and then a further £5m (twice?) some cynical persons put their hands up. No doubt over the time since our investments there has been some magnificent work done.
I’m slightly puzzled where the dividend payments went though. No doubt the new regime at CEC can account for every penny and will report back to us, in due course.
In the meantime: crack on with it guys, we are counting on you.
Gillian Slater
Tuesday 7th April 2020 at 4:50 pm
Well done guys! Do you know what timescale we are looking at please or is it a bit soon to be asking?